What is SafeTrader?
SafeTrader provides buyers and sellers with a trusted process to ensure the exchange of goods and money is safe for both parties.

SafeTrader holds the buyer's money in a Trust account until the transaction is completed. The SafeTrader process ensures that the money is not released until both the buyer and seller are happy with the outcome of the transaction.

Why should I use SafeTrader?
Sellers: Potential buyers know they can trust you, attracting greater interest, more bids and a higher sale price. SafeTrader provides a well defined and trusted process that ensures that both parties are protected.

Buyers: SafeTrader provides you with a safe way to exchange your money for the goods, protecting you from the risk of losing your money to a fraudster. You don't need to rely solely on a seller's feedback to determine whether you can trust them.

Why can I trust SafeTrader?
SafeTrader is owned and operated by Trade Me Ltd. Trade Me Ltd maintains trust accounts with ASB Bank, ensuring funds are legally protected from the trustees of the account or creditors.

NOTE: NEVER SEND MONEY OVERSEAS! If you are paying via Safetrader the payment will need to be paid into SafeTrader's local New Zealand ASB Bank account. It has no offshore offices.  International money transfer facilities like MoneyGram and Western Union are often misused by scammers to defraud Trade Me membersDo not use these for Trade Me transactions. If you are unsure please email