Fees and fee calculator

General goods

A success fees applies if your item sells, but is refundable if the sale isn't completed.

High listing volumes may incur a fee of 10c per listing, but Top Sellers get a discount on auction fees.

Feel free to contact us about special rates for registered charities.

Trade fees (and increased support) are available to very large professional sellers who put through significant volume. These are negotiated directly with the company and depend on volume (typically over $1.5 million of gross sales per year). If you think you may qualify for Trade fees please contact the marketplace team at marketplace@trademe.co.nz

Listing and promotional fees Learn more about promotional extras
Basic listing Free *
Gallery 55c (25c for books and CDs)
Gallery Plus 65c (or 30c for books and CDs)
Bold title 95c (35c for books and CDs)
Feature $3.45 (75c for books and CDs)
Feature Combo $3.95 (95c for books and CDs)
Super Feature Pricing varies depending on category of listing

From time to time, Trade Me may test new pricing on listing and promotional fees by raising the price or offering a discount. We do this to balance the level of use of promotional options in our categories. Price changes may run for a limited time, and may be specific to a particular category, promotional extra or listing method. If you have any questions about these, just contact us.

Optional add-ons
Subtitle 55c (15c for books and CDs)
10 day auction 25c
Additional photos 10c each
Scheduled end time 25c
Reserve fee 25c
Success fees Success fee calculator
Up to $200 7.9% of sale price (50c minimum)
$200 - $1500 $15.80 + 4.9% of sale price over $200
Over $1500 $79.50 + 1.9% of sale price over $1500 (max fee = $149)
Auction withdrawal fee
The higher of $3 or the applicable success fee from above table if the item sells.
* These categories incur a listing fee and higher promotional costs. There are no success fees.
Category Listing fee
Bold title Basic Gallery Feature Feature combo
Birds, Rabbits & guinea pigs $5 95c n/a n/a $3.45 n/a
Dogs to buy $29 (single)
$79 (litter)
95c n/a n/a $3.45 n/a
Dogs to adopt Free 95c n/a n/a $3.45 n/a
Cats to buy $19 (single)
$49 (litter)
95c n/a n/a $3.45 n/a
Cats to adopt Free 95c n/a n/a $3.45 n/a
Cattle, Horses & ponies $39 n/a Free 55c $3.45 $3.95
Deer, Pigs, Sheep, Other livestock $29 n/a Free $2 $10 $15
Domain names $19 n/a Free 55c $3.45 $3.95
Businesses for sale $99 n/a Free n/a $19 n/a
Carbon credits $29 n/a Free $2 $10 $15
Services $39 n/a n/a n/a $39 n/a

Pay Now

Just 1.95% of the total purchase price, including shipping.

Cars, motorbikes, boats & other vehicles*

List until sold**, no charge for up to 20 photos

Listing fees
Auction Classified
Listing fee Success fee
$39 1.95% of sale price
(maximum $49)
Success fee calculator
$39 for asking prices under $1,500
$59 for asking prices $1,500–$10,000
$79 for asking prices $10,001–$30,000
$99 for asking prices over $30,000
Promotional fees
Bold title Subtitle Highlight MotorWeb Basic Report Feature Feature Combo Super
Super Feature
$9 $9 $9 $9 $34 $39 $50 $89
Auction withdrawal fee
A withdrawal fee of $39 or the applicable success fee (whichever is higher) will apply.
* Includes aircraft, buses, backhoes & loaders, caravans & motorhomes, drain diggers & cleaners, earthmoving machinery, harvesters, heavy forestry machinery, horse floats, livestock crates, livestock trailers, produce transport, refrigerated containers, soil cultivation machinery, specialist cars, tankers, tractors, trailers, trucks, wrecked cars, pallet movers, forklifts and other.
** If extended or relisted within 45 days of closing. Promotional extras (e.g. bold) will be charged on relist or extension.
*** Super Features are valid for up to 7 days and available in used cars, specialist cars, motorbikes, trucks, caravans & motorhomes, motorboats, aircraft, yachts & sail boats.

Motor parts & accessories

Listing and promotional fees
Category Listing fee Gallery Bold
Feature Feature
Motor parts & accessories* Free 55c 95c $3.45 $3.95 55c

* Motors parts and accessories includes car stereos, car parts & accessories, caravans & motorhomes, motorbike parts & accessories, helmets, clothing & footwear, and boats & marine.

Property, rentals & flatmates

List until sold*, up to 20 photos free and no commission.

Listing and promotional fees
Category Basic listing Video
Gallery Bold
Highlight Feature Feature
Property for sale/lease
Property with RV under $450,000, retirement villages $359 Free Free $19 $29 $99 $129 $169 $289
Property with no RV, RV of $450,000 or over, Commercial lease/sale $419 Free Free $19 $29 $99 $129 $169 $289
Property for rent
Weekly rent below $400 $99 Free Free $9 $19 $29 $39 $69 $99
Weekly rent $400 - $799 $139 Free Free $9 $19 $29 $39 $69 $99
Weekly rent $800 or over $159 Free Free $9 $19 $29 $39 $69 $99
Car parks $49 Free Free $9 $9 $19 $29 $49 $59
Flatmates $9 - Free - - $6 - - -

* If relisted within 45 days of closing. Extras (e.g. bold) will be charged on relist.

** Super Features are valid for 7 days.

If you're a real estate agent, check out our volume plans.


List for 30 days and up to 20 photos free

Listing and promotional fees
Casual listing $154.78 per job ($178 incl. GST)
Feature $86.09 per job ($99 incl. GST)
Branding $30 per job ($34.50 incl. GST)

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