The buyer has placed unfair feedback about me

If you have sold an item and receive negative feedback, please ensure that you contact the buyer in the first instance, and avoid placing retaliatory feedback. As a seller, you need to ensure that you:
  • Describe items fully and accurately and answer questions promptly
  • Provide your payment instructions in a timely fashion
  • Ensure items are shipped as soon as possible, and within a week of receiving payment and delivery address, unless otherwise indicated in the listing or agreed by both parties.
If you have fulfilled these responsibilities and are unhappy with feedback you have received from the buyer, we find open communication between both parties often leads to the resolution of the majority of trade disputes that occur. If you are unable to contact the buyer, please get in touch so we can help out.

Please visit the appropriate help pages for some detailed dispute advice: If you feel you have done your utmost to resolve the dispute and are still left with unfair feedback, you can report it below. Please note that Trade Me does not arbitrate in feedback and will only take action that is in line with our Feedback Policy and Code of Conduct.