Completing the paperwork

So you've won the auction or the seller has accepted your offer for their classified, what now?

The safest way to pay is Bank Cheque. Most banks can make up a Bank Cheque within 10 minutes. Take this when you go to pick up the car, along with an LTSA MR13 (change of ownership) form that you can get from any post office.

You should arrange to have the car insured from the moment you pay for it. You can get a car insurance quote in 5 minutes and buy your insurance online now.

Change Of Ownership
When you pick up the car you should watch the seller fill in the bottom portion of their certificate of registration with your details. S/he then posts it to the Transport Registry Centre. You must fill out an LTSA MR13 form and pay the $9.20 change of ownership fee. You should receive your new registration certificate in the mail within a week.

Get a warranty
Even if you're not buying from a dealer you can buy a mechanical warranty and reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns. Swann Insurance offer good mechanical warranties at reasonable prices.

To protect both yourself and the seller you should make two signed copies of a receipt that identifies the parties, the vehicle, the amount paid and the exact time. This removes any doubt as to your ownership claim and who's responsible for what and from when. Here is a sample receipt.

If you've bought the car via auction you should place feedback on the seller.

For more information on vehicle change of ownership
visit the LTSA.

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