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BMW 5-Series 2017 first drive

Long known as the keen luxury sedan driver’s choice, the new generation BMW 5-Series keeps the title. It is ideal for buyers who want great handling and intelligent safety technology. Read more

Holden Trax LTZ 2017 review

The Holden Trax has received a facelift that makes it more modern and appealing inside and out. The new interior is stylish and roomy, with features that will suit the tech savvy. It will appeal to the young looking for a city-ready small SUV, and older buyers looking for a hatch with an access-friendly high hip point. Read more

Holden Astra 2017 first drive

Holden hopes its new European-sourced small hatch, the Astra, with its efficient turbo engines and sharp styling, will appeal to fleets and couples shopping for a small hatchback. Read more

Subaru Legacy 3.0R 2002-2009 used car review

The Subaru Legacy 3.0R is a medium size car with all-wheel drive for extra traction in wet or slippery conditions. It is ideal for buyers looking for a large car with strong performance and all-weather safety. It does come with hefty running costs. Read more

Volkswagen Golf GTi 2004-2008 used car review

The 2005 Volkswagen Golf GTi is a small hatchback that mixes great performance and handling with a practical five-door body and excellent build quality. It is the ideal car for buyers looking for a sporty car with the ability to take four passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage with them. Read more

Ford Escape 2017 first drive

The Ford Escape is roomy, refined and quiet, with a range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. It will appeal to small families and older buyers who want extra practicality. Read more

Audi Q2 2017 first drive

The all-new 2017 Audi Q2 is a compact urban SUV ideal for the daily city commute, with a go-anywhere SUV look and clever interior features. It will appeal to retirees and professional young couples. Read more

BMW i3 2017 review

With eye-catching looks and green credentials, the BMW i3 is the ideal choice for forward-thinking individuals or drivers looking for a zippy and efficient city car. Read more

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