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2016 Mercedes Benz E220d

How do you test a car that drives itself? It is a question I have started to ask myself as we get the chance to drive an increasing number of cars with technologies that hint at the autonomous vehicle future. Read more

A Lada like you’ve Niva seen before

The Lada brand may still be a bit of a joke here in New Zealand; nuggety little cars and four-wheel-drives purchased from then communist Russia with butter. Read more

No local lingo for Sync 3

Ford has announced that it has setup a special calibration for the Australian market for its incoming Sync 3 infotainment system that allows it to understand Australian accents — but is not doing the same for our Kiwi tongue. Read more

The afterlife with Italian flair

We hope this version of the Maserati Ghibli makes it to New Zealand — we just don't want to take a ride in it anytime soon. Read more

Personal connection in Jeep anniversary

The last thing that Sherryll Leeson expected to see when she opened the motoring supplement of the NZ Herald was a picture of her father. Read more

New 5-Series a spy car?

BMW has teased a feature of the new BMW 5-Series that turns it into somewhat of a spy tool. Read more

Hot GT-R lands in Japan

New Zealand is one of the countries lucky enough to get the Nissan GT-R, and the updated version, shown earlier this year, is on the way. Read more

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