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CX-5 to appear in LA

Mazda will reveal its all-new CX-5 SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. Read more

NZCOTY refresher: Mercedes-Benz GLC

In the run up to the NZ Car of the Year — a joint venture between the New Zealand Motoring Writers’ Guild and the Automobile Association — we are giving you a refresher on the contenders. This time we look at Mercedes-Benz GLC Read more

‘Over-boost’ power for Amarok V6

We are just weeks away from the launch here of the V6 turbodiesel Volkswagen Amarok, but thanks to some news from Volkswagen Australia we now know we are likely to see even more power from the ute than expected. Read more

Busy year for Skoda

Skoda New Zealand has hit 1000 units for the second time since its rebirth in the New Zealand market a little over a decade ago, at the earliest point in the year ever. Read more

Ultimate Rolls' dealership for Dubai

We have seen the announcement of some fairly impressive new car dealerships in New Zealand recently, our coverage last week of the new Auckland City Kia being one, but Rolls-Royce has now taken the dealership experience to the next level. Read more

Audi ditches Le Mans for Formula E

Audi has ditched its famous endurance racing program - which includes the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans for the growing Formula E series. Read more

Mercedes-Benz confirms V6 diesel power for ute

Mercedes-Benz wants a slice of the growing global pickup market, recognising that more and more people are using upscale double-cab four-wheel-drive utilities as their daily driver for work and play. Read more

Holden gives first Commodore detail

It is nearly two years away, but Holden is already attempting to soften the public to the first non-Australian built Commodore, revealing details of a hot flagship model, and giving a select group of journalists an early drive. Read more

Biggest Mini gets bigger

The Mini Countryman has been given its first redesign, but while the silhouette remains largely the same, the measurements tell a different story. Read more

New home for Corolla fans

Most New Zealanders have a story or fond memory relating to the Toyota Corolla. The hardy small car has been our favourite passenger car for years. Read more

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