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First shot of production Holden Trailblazer in the wild

Auckland’s downtown port has been controversial for how cars are parked on prime waterfront land, but for car-spotters, it does make them easier to see. Read more

New 5-Series a spy car?

BMW has teased a feature of the new BMW 5-Series that turns it into somewhat of a spy tool. Read more

Plug-in Optima not an option for NZ yet

Kia has launched its new Kia Optima plug-in hybrid overseas, but despite it being available in right-hand-drive it is not an option for the New Zealand market yet. Read more

Trailblazer gets early 5-star result

The upcoming Holden Trailblazer — an update to the current Colorado 7 SUV — has has already received a 5-star safety rating. Read more

Model S quickest car you can (eventually) buy

Tesla has launched a new battery option for its Model S and Model X — the company claiming it is the quickest accelerating car available for purchase new. Read more

2016 Skoda Octavia RS 230

Since Skoda relaunched itself into the New Zealand market in 2003, the brand continues to grow, no doubt due to offering fun-to-drive value-for-money products such as the Octavia RS. Read more

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