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Toyota Markx 2004 Fq

The Toyota Mark X is a medium-size family sedan that, unlike most, is rear-wheel drive for sportier handling. It features a sporty style and handling.

Subaru Forester 2004 Fq

The Subaru Forester is rugged and spacious for a small SUV. Its all-wheel drive system makes it surprisingly capable on slippery surfaces.

Honda Accord Euror 2007 Fq

The Honda Accord is a practical family car. The Euro R version gives you sports car performance with the penalty of a very hard ride.

Honda Accord Tourer 2009 Fq

The Honda Accord offers reliable, safe and comfortable motoring. The station wagon version let you take a huge amount of gear along with you.

Nissan Skyline 250Gt 2007 Fq

Nissan’s Skyline offers a sports car experience in a family sedan package. A firm ride might mean not everyone will enjoy the ride.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2007 Fq

The Mitsubishi Pajero offers space, off-road ability and a big towing capacity. You will pay for all this at the fuel pump.

Toyota Caldina Gtfour 2006 Fq1

Toyota’s Caldina offers station wagon practicality with the option of rally-bred turbocharged engines and all-wheel drive. Modifications can cause reliability issues.

Mazda Mpv 2008 Fq

The Mazda MPV offers seven seats, plus loads of family space. Unlike many people movers does not feel like a van to drive. Avoid turbocharged models, as they are thirsty and unreliable.

Mazda Axela 2006 Fq

With excellent handling and a sporty look, the Mazda Axela is an attractive option from the small car offerings. However, the strong performance does come with a high fuel bill.

Subaru Outback 2005 Fq

Interior space, high ride height and all-wheel drive traction make Subaru’s Outback appealing to active families seeking a little off-road ability. However, running costs can be steep.

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