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Lorde 'Royals' Lyrics Brand new item

handwritten and signed by Lorde and Joel Little

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  • Closed: Mon 18 Aug 2014, 7:30 pm
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The Play It Strange Trust is auctioning a lyric sheet of “Royals” – penned and signed by Lorde along with co-writer Joel Little.

Play It Strange is a charitable trust that runs programmes for New Zealand youth in songwriting, performance and recording. For more info go to

Lorde otherwise known as Ella Yelich-O’Connor, and Joel Little have previous connections to the Play It Strange Trust and team.

Ella Yelich-O'Connor performed 'Six Months In A Leaky Boat' with Eddie Rayner's ENZSO at the Play It Strange concert in the Auckland Domain as part of Fonterra's 10th Anniversary in October 2011. A short while later she sang a set with Zac Fraser-Baxter (both Takapuna Grammar students) at a Play It Strange fundraiser at Devonport's Vic Theatre in November 2011.

Joel Little performed a Goodnight Nurse song with Descend - a trio of twelve year olds from Parnell District School at Playing It Strange in Parnell street party in Dec 2008.

Joel and Ella received the very prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award in 2013 for the song that is now heard in all corners of the earth. On the tail of that win, a request was put through Joel for a lyric sheet – Lorde kindly obliged and upon Joel’s return from the Grammy celebrations Play It Strange CEO, Mike Chunn and their general manager Debbie Little (Joel’s cousin) took a trip to Golden Age Studio in Auckland and collected this priceless lyric sheet signed by the award-winning duo.

The time has come to take the sheet from its special hiding place and have it framed, with all of the care and quality it deserves, to auction off on Trade Me for the benefit of Play It Strange in running future programmes for our young lyricists and songwriters.

About the framing: lyric sheet is float mounted onto a grey archival mattboard showing 5cm top and sides and 6cm at the bottom. It is then framed in soft, antique pewter molding with slat spacers and U.V inhibiting museum grade glass to best effect and highest conservation standards.

Please read the questions and answers for this auction.

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Closed: Mon 18 Aug, 7:30 pm.

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Questions and answers

Amazing , what a great piece of nz !! aklcity2 (288 288 positive feedback) 8:32 am, Thu 7 Aug
Thank you. It is very special and quite a privilege. 9:40 am, Thu 7 Aug
This is the just the chorus, are the rest of the lyrics on the back ? dougmcd (58 58 positive feedback) 10:33 am, Thu 7 Aug
No, she only wrote the chorus 1:59 pm, Thu 7 Aug
A great cause but why would you sell them on here? Surely sending to an overseas auction house who sold Dylan lyrics etc would be better You will make a lot more for these overseas than here and help this wonderful cause. happytobehere (453 453 positive feedback) 11:08 am, Thu 7 Aug
Thanks for the question and a valid one that we have thought through carefully. The song was born in NZ and we feel that the opportunity for the lyrics to be bought by someone in NZ is important. However, if someone offshore wishes to purchase these - they will find a way. 2:00 pm, Thu 7 Aug
do you know if it was lordes original script for the song, or did she rewrite it for this lovely auction? jordy2009 (24 24 positive feedback) 11:42 am, Thu 7 Aug
She rewrote them after winning the 2013 APRA Silver Scroll 2:00 pm, Thu 7 Aug
free CD with this? jimbob120 (47 47 positive feedback) 11:43 am, Thu 7 Aug
Why not? Unsigned 2:01 pm, Thu 7 Aug
Very cool! bearsit (33 33 positive feedback) 1:39 pm, Thu 7 Aug
Yeah - we know and appreciate it :) Thanks 2:02 pm, Thu 7 Aug
So lets be clear about this .....from what i have read these are not the original lyircs but a copy of the original done recently. Can you clarify this ...Cheers. crazydiamond (1657 1657 positive feedback) 5:11 pm, Thu 7 Aug
Yes. They are the original lyric written out specifically for us. 10:17 am, Fri 8 Aug
So this is not the first version? I'm just a tad confused when you say rewrote in 2013? triggerhappy3 (301 301 positive feedback) 7:42 pm, Thu 7 Aug
No, not the first version. Ella wrote them out specifically for us. 10:18 am, Fri 8 Aug
what is the size of the frame? nzbooksales (317 317 positive feedback) 9:32 pm, Thu 7 Aug
approx 350 X 450cm 10:26 am, Fri 8 Aug
whens the next album coming? 1187 (197 197 positive feedback) 1:37 pm, Fri 8 Aug
Don't know 12:09 pm, Mon 11 Aug
I note you are claiming copyright over the image. Do you hold the copyright and is this being passed to the purchaser or retained by yourselves? asiantrader1 (14 14 positive feedback) 1:43 pm, Sat 9 Aug
The photo images are ours but we would be sure to provide the purchaser with a file of images to go with the framed lyric sheet 12:12 pm, Mon 11 Aug
So these lyrics haven't come from a 'special hiding place'. Slightly misleading. bcoot (7 7 positive feedback) 8:09 pm, Sat 9 Aug
We have indeed had them hidden away for many months 12:13 pm, Mon 11 Aug
Can you guarantee this will be the only written lyrics of Royals for sale? I wish to purchase a unique product. Cheers lightbeltz (0 0 positive feedback) 3:53 am, Sun 10 Aug
No 12:14 pm, Mon 11 Aug
Can you confirm if this is just a piece of paper signed by Lorde etc that has just had the lyrics rewritten on them? If so then the auction needs changing to reflect this. rarecollectible (29 29 positive feedback) 10:15 am, Mon 11 Aug
The lyric has been written in Lorde's own hand and signed by her and her co-writer Joel 9:49 am, Tue 12 Aug
are we any where near the reserve yet it must be a high one taurus777 (4784 4784 positive feedback) 2:52 pm, Tue 12 Aug
I am a bit concerned after some of the questions.i was keen to bid but it has now been mentioned that they are not original lyrics but have been written again for you to sell,whats to stop this happening 10 more times? kiwistrider (237 237 positive feedback) 12:23 pm, Wed 13 Aug
Lorde wrote her original lyric out for us. I have no idea if she has done it for anyone else or how many times she may do it again. 2:10 pm, Wed 13 Aug
My family are quite close to ellas and i dont think its very nice what your doing! selling something she gave you lauren75756 (3 3 positive feedback) 3:32 pm, Thu 14 Aug
Hi. All parties are aware and supportive of this item being sold to raise funds for the Play It Strange Trust. 3:39 pm, Thu 14 Aug
Hi, what percentage of the proceeds will go towards charity? A bit more information about the charity would be good. Thanks csen2 (59 59 positive feedback) 4:05 pm, Thu 14 Aug
100% of the proceeds will go to the Play It Strange Trust, the focus being on running programmes encouraging young NZ songwriting, performance and recording. Check out our link here also our Jam Bus website Thanks. 4:09 pm, Thu 14 Aug
Ace,great cause. scruffy62 (60 60 positive feedback) 7:08 pm, Thu 14 Aug
Is there a COA included? back.2.retro (108 108 positive feedback) 8:44 pm, Thu 14 Aug
Good question. There is no COA. However we can guarantee it is indeed authentic. 4:08 pm, Fri 15 Aug
I find it disappointing that the bidding has reached over $4,000 and has yet to reach the reserve! I realise the auction is for an excellent cause but her true fans, the youth who you're fundraising for, the ones that matter, realistically can't afford the thousands of dollars you're expecting to raise for this one auction. Actually it's quite greedy, embarrassingly so in my personal opinion and I would choose not to support this cause because of this. northwestie (376 376 positive feedback) 9:51 pm, Thu 14 Aug
Seriously? Reserve not met? Looks like charity is getting greedy icewolf5111 (21 21 positive feedback) 11:19 pm, Thu 14 Aug
is the frame of gold ??? jakie2 (186 186 positive feedback) 4:24 am, Fri 15 Aug
No 4:05 pm, Fri 15 Aug
Lordy Lordy, a lot of tyre kickers on here. It's a signature+. You aren't bidding on a piece of unique musical history, of course it isn't Lorde's' original brain storming session from 2011...Anyone with half a wit knew *that* reading the listing and looking at the Images. It is exactly as represented by the seller - it's as unique as anything written by anyone, except it was written by her... And it's going to charity! bestgames (354 354 positive feedback) 11:49 am, Fri 15 Aug
Thank you for that comment. Appreciated. 4:02 pm, Fri 15 Aug
I love how many idiots there are in this country. Reading is obivously needed in schools alot more . Hope you make a bit magiclam (56 56 positive feedback) 11:52 am, Sat 16 Aug
Fantastic cause and a fantastic auction. Why is it that all the wallies making negative comments and asking silly questions on any of the auctions never seem to place a bid?? Grow up children and get on with life. GOOD LUCK WITH THE AUCTION FOLKS. rangerman (714 714 positive feedback) 12:51 pm, Mon 18 Aug
Thanks Rangerman! 1:14 pm, Mon 18 Aug
What's the reserve? scoota (72 72 positive feedback) 7:19 pm, Mon 18 Aug
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