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Business name: FreeSpirit Accurate Spiritual Email Readings
Location: One Tree Hill
Auckland City
About: I have been doing readings for over 35 years now.wrote for a magazine overseas where people sent in their questions -did radio interviews overseas
Services offered: Relationships Problems Unfaithful? Work - Finances Personal - Depressed Does he/she love me? Great Birthday Gift! "Reading Voucher"
Areas serviced: Throughout New Zealand.
Availability: By appointment only -- please email for booking. Give a "Reading Voucher" as a BIRTHDAY Gift to a family member or friend.
You may choose to have a Personal Reading done for Yourself or you can give a "Reading Voucher" as a Birthday Gift" to a family member or a friend.
All Readings are strictly private and confidential and done via email.
I value and respect your privacy 100% at all times.
I use an extraordinary sensitivity to interpret vibrations, patterns of thought and feelings radiated by people in all areas around the world. I tap into this energy and decipher what I am shown. I pick up your energies and vibrations when doing your reading from a distance. This is a telepathic way of reading.

Answers are direct yet compassionate.

I regularly consult to highly influential people, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, amongst others, as well as home executives, families etc and assist them with key decisions, as well as provide advice on steps they can take to enhance their lives on every level. I have clients from all over the world, on international websites, conducting email readings with great success.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT philosophy – This is Physics: - Albert Einstein

Please remember to supply the following details for all readings:

Date of birth in this order/format:
30 May 1970
First Name
Male or Female

Send email to:


if you have trouble with the above email...please use this alternative email below:

I love each and every one of my clients and YOU are what makes my work so rewarding and fulfilling. There is no greater feeling on earth that can even begin to compare with the inner joy of knowing I am helping making a difference in your life and changing it in a positive way.
So to all my clients both new and regular … A Very Big Thank you - (Hugs )

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Freespirit was spot on with capturing mine and my partners personalities, flaws and hurdles in our relationship. Some things you just cant guess and this is how I know this is 100% genuine. Some of the words used to describe situations are the exact words I would use myself if I was talking to someone else about my relationship. I have been given hope and feel very much at peace with how things are in my life at a time when I have been so uncertain and in turmoil. Thank you xo
doodle22 (8 8 positive feedback)  Mon 28 Jul
In a word amazing free spirit is so kind and truly gifted and I can't recommend enough. Thank you so much for my reading it was so very helpful to me at this time and now I always know where to go now when I need advice :)
nicki79 (250 250 positive feedback)  Sun 27 Jul
Hi, I like to say thank you for the reading, so the reading was so accurate, and its helped me alot. you didnt no me from a bar of soap, im so glad that i email you. I recommend you to anyone any day. Thank You :)
moimoi21 (2 2 positive feedback)  Sun 27 Jul
Great reading. Very accurate personal insights, helped me at a stage of life when I felt quite lost. After the reading I had direction and felt full of hope again. Amazing, lovely person. Made me believe in magic all over again!
hoggle1 (261 261 positive feedback)  Fri 25 Jul
Free spirit was lovely to work with, friendly and down to earth, and offered clarity on a pressing question as well as other helpful ideas and tools with life. Many thanks and blessings J.
red_36 (47 47 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2013  Mon 21 Jul
Very accurate reading! Very positive and I can highly recommended FreeSpirit to all. :) Thank you very much.
cassie3 (476 476 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2014  Thu 03 Jul
I have had readings done in the past and been a little sceptical of what I've been told as it seemed more like good guess work and generalisations than genuine insight. I was gobsmacked by how spot on FreeSpirit was with regards to my circumstances and what she described with regards to my life. There are things you just can't make up, Her caring and kind attitude is clearly evident and I am grateful we crossed paths. It was a really uplifting experience and will continue to be. Thank you x
mishal1 (1791 1791 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2013  Mon 23 Jun
Freespirit..... The vibrations, coming through your written words, telling me that you are a very kind, very honest and trustworthy human being, that knowledge spirits reveal to you, you'll use in a responsible way! In my case, your interpretation was "spot on". Very accurate indeed. Your words are thoughts provoking and inspirational! I trust your words...... totally!!! My Dearest.... Thank you!! xox
katja (82 82 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2014  Wed 18 Jun
I got a reading 2 years ago, this is the first time I have written a review since I got the reading. Just been reading it again and realized everything was spot on. I think its time for a new reading, definitely the real deal.Thanks
drnoble (0 0 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2014  Mon 16 Jun
Thanks for a great reading. Love the warmth and empathy that can be felt through the reading. Many thanks
sabrinawstan (43 43 positive feedback)  Sun 08 Jun
Thank You for another wonderful reading. You bring to light my character and feelings I am going through as always in a honest, caring way. I value your guidance and insight to better days. TJ xxx
bunny_boiler (100 100 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2013  Sat 07 Jun
The best reading I have ever had. Very accurate. Freespirit has an amazing gift.
yates101 (116 116 positive feedback)  Sun 01 Jun
Oh my goodness, this lady is what we call one of our special earth angels. beautiful!!! you could feel her heartwarmth empathy and compassion through her writing. Very accurate in her description of my circumstances and I look forward to another reading when Im back to my bright and sunny me and not the broken sad me...... I would highly recommend her. Biggest Hug and love from me "FreeSpirit". it must be a fabulous feeling to be able to help people the way you do xxxx
nuttytart2 (381 381 positive feedback)  Sun 25 May
Accurate indeed!! very true and is given the information that you need. Free spirit is amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone needing help and advice to help boost them with the tools needed in Life. I was just amazed how accurate free Spirit was with my children and their Dad. I just can't thank Free Spirit enough. FREE SPIRIT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY WE ARE SOOOO BLESSED BY FREE SPIRIT!! THANK YOU
swalae (112 112 positive feedback)  Sat 24 May
The most accurate genuine reading I have ever had. Amazing. She was able to describe our lives and situation perfectly and gave me confidence to make the decisions I need to moving forward. I got so much out of this and would highly recommend this to others. :D Thank you again.
honestseller (20 20 positive feedback)  Tue 29 Apr
YOU ROCK chicky...............that is all :).
eva4dezire (18 18 positive feedback)  Wed 23 Apr
Thank you Free spirit for again for the love and care and great support you give with your reading.I am so blessed to have been able to meet you through here and use your services I recommend anyone that wants a reading to give it a go you wont be disappointing at all
kemp4 (2 2 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Apr
yes very good reading highly recomend very efficent very good value
biggle64 (38 38 positive feedback)  Wed 16 Apr
I have had two wonderful readings from Free Spirit and both times she has been compassionate, helping, and guiding in ways that helped me better my self as a person. I have waited to write these reviews so I can let people know that yes, her predictions do come into fruition in time and when they do, you're stuck flabbergasted on how accurate she can be. Thank you Free Spirit. I will definitely come back for more reviews in the future. =)
hamidk (7 7 positive feedback)  Thu 10 Apr
Freespirit is an amazing reader. Very accurate with all that was said. Would highly recommend, thankyou for the reading.
destinym6 (46 46 positive feedback)  Thu 10 Apr
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