Xbox, Playstation, Wii Repairs and Modchips

Listing #: 1106793978
Business name: Lounge Lizard Computers
Location: Ferrymead
Christchurch City
About: We are a locally owned company offering console services since 2009. We pride ourselves in offering excellent service and quality workmanshi­p.
Services offered: PS3 downgrade and custom firmware, Xbox 360 RGH, Jtag, Wii mods, LTU, LT+ v3.0, reset glitch hack, jailbreak, jtagging, cfw, modchips, psp, repairs,
Areas serviced: Nationwide
---| XBOX 360 |---

Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH
-Install and run homebrew applications
-Play games off your hard drive without the disk inserted
-Works on all HDMI phats xbox 360's and most slim xbox 360's
-Software installed includes
--Latest dashboard version
--4x Emulators
--Freestyle Dash

Xbox 360 DVD Drive Firmware Flashing
-Play your games backed up onto DL DVDs
-Works on all phats and most slims
- Phats $40 Slims $60


TSOP Flash/Modchip
-Install and run homebrew applications like XBMC
-Play games off your hard drive without the disk inserted
-Play games backed up to disc
-Convert to NTSC for better picture

---| PLAYSTATION 3 |---

PS3 Downgrade and Custom Firmware
-Play games off your hard drive
-Install and run homebrew applications
-Compatible with all phats and slim consoles with model number 25xx* or lower (some 2500 series cannot be downgraded if you have a 2500 series please contact us to confirm yours can be downgraded)
-Software Installed
--Lastest Custom Firmware
--Multiman (backup manager)

---| WII |---

Wii Softmod
- Backup your Wii games to your USB hard drive
-Install and run homebrew applications

---| PS4 |---
HDMI Port $99
-V2 port installed

Check out our online store for all your console repairs, parts, modchips and modding tools.

We stock all the tools required to mod your consoles!

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Hi. Can you install the mod chip onto the Xbox 360. If so, how much? Thanks
chips_n_gravy (33 33 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2020  Tue 09 Feb
Hi there what is the latest firmware versions out now for the XBOX 360 and PS3 ?
claynz (360 360 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2019  Sun 07 Jun
Adam: Xbox 360 - 2.0.17559 PS3 - 4.86
5 Stars!, Recived my part Remarkably quick, will definitely be buying from Lounge Lizard Again
vonglitch64 (7 7 positive feedback)  Fri 18 Oct
Adam was fantastic. Helped me sort an issue I was about to throw the device into the rubbish for. Cheers mate
byronduncan111 (151 151 positive feedback)  Mon 08 Jan
Hi I'm new to mod-chips. I just wanted to know if the xbox 360 jtag/rgh came with an instruction manual on how to install/backup your games on the system. for people that don't know how to do it. thanks
michellemay (68 68 positive feedback)  Sun 12 Nov
Adam: Yes they do and we also have a forum that you can get access to once you have one of our modded systems.
Do you sell sky3ds flashcarts?
voidhawkltd (252 252 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2019  Wed 05 Apr
Adam: No we don't
Do you jailbreak/install a software on PlayStation 1 that could play pirated/copy Games?? It would be awesome if i could play both original and copyright games on the console. cheers!
amam888 (179 179 positive feedback)  Thu 09 Mar
Hi if u jtag a xbox 360 how can u go onto live and not get banned and also do we need to send u a xbox or do u provide one? thx
kelz22 (501 501 positive feedback)  Tue 03 May
Adam: Hi you will need to use a stealth server to reduce the risk of getting banned. They cost money and we have nothing to do with them so you will need to research them yourself. "Google RGH stealth server"
Does this include the mod chip and hardware or is it just the installation and have to purchase the hardware separately
mark19672 (25 25 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2019  Tue 15 Mar
Adam: All service prices quoted include everything required to mod your console. Except Wii consoles where you have to supply your own SD card
Can You Jailbreak a Playstation 3 That Has Been Taken Apart So the Motherboards Showing?
jdswonderland (366 366 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2016  Tue 17 Nov
Adam: It all depends on what model PS3 it is. If you go here<br />ent/7-modchip-selector it will tell you if your PS3 can be jailbroken or not.
Can this be used for my old Wii, to play games burned on dvd? I have a PAL version from europe
elviradj (337 337 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2019  Sun 18 Oct
Adam: Hi it depends in what DVD drive is in your Wii. If you email us your serial number we can look it up for you.
Hi do you use e3 flasher's to downgrade the ps3?
milo1414 (148 148 positive feedback)  Sun 04 Oct
Can u downgrade a superslim cech-4202A
crischc (118 118 positive feedback)  Wed 02 Sep
Adam: No sorry any above 2500 series cannot be downgraded. See the following link for more information on which models can be downgraded<br />ent/8-mcs-ps3
So as soon as you connect to Xbox live on a JTAG without doing that Xblse thing you will get banned?
wishin1 (65 65 positive feedback)  Sat 04 Jul
Adam: No you might last 5 minutes you might last a week but you will get banned. Microsoft can easily detect that you are running a modded system even if you aren't cheating
Hi, back again haha, I'm new to modding and stuff, so yyou know on bo2 how their are custom games and you can play with your friends but it is not online, I just want to host lobby's for my friends so do you still need to do the self tool thing? Thanks
wishin1 (65 65 positive feedback)  Fri 03 Jul
Adam: Not sure what you are getting at there. Not online but hosting lobbies for your friends? Anything to do with Xbox Live doesn't matter if it is private or not will get you banned.
Hi, can you mod Call Of Duty with the xbox jtag?
wishin1 (65 65 positive feedback)  Wed 01 Jul
Adam: Hi yes you can but you will get banned if you don't use a Xbox live stealth service. Google xblse
Excellent service. I highly recommend Lounge Lizard. They repaired my son's two Xboxes, went out of their way for collection, were prompt, professional and friendly. Great service. Thanks very much.
troutmaniac (448 448 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2018  Mon 08 Jun
hi there will this work on phat ps3 cechlo2 with red screen of death.can i roll back to ofw 3.55?
bruce128 (146 146 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2017  Sun 29 Mar
Adam: Hi yes we will be able to downgrade it to 3.55 even if it has rsod. But there is no guarantee that the rsod wont return as it can be caused by a hardware fault
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