Listing #: 1615714242
Business name: JOY Energy Tarot
Location: Taradale
Hawke's Bay
About: I am an experienced TAROT reader guided by spirit with 30 years experience and I help you find the answers you're looking for :-)
Areas serviced: NEW ZEALAND WIDE
Availability: joyenergyt­arot@gmail.com Email me for more informatio­n PAYPAL AVAILABLE
I read intuitively with guidance from spirit to let you know what messages or lessons spirit is trying to give you.

I also tell you about yourself by analysing the numerology of your birthdate which is specific to you.

I have worked at Psychic Fairs, organised Spiritual Evenings and worked internationally, and I do weekly and bi-weekly FREE readings on YouTube.

My Facebook page is:

YouTube Channel is:

Instagram page is:

$55 SPECIAL for a reading including numerology which is recorded and a YouTube Video link is sent to you

$65 for a private in person reading available


EMAIL for bookings

Payment via online banking or PayPal
details given when reading is booked.
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97% from 76 reviews.

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That's a wonderful reading, thank you so much and very positive news about the horse riding. Very specific to a lot of things that have happened and are happening in my life. Thank you for the clarity and confirmation xx
dkva (132 132 positive feedback)  Sat 12 Jun
Jenny: How wonderful. So glad to help you.?? All the best for your future ???????? Love and Light Jenny
A beautiful reading, looking forward to the next 6 months which had some expected & not expected things in them. Thank you very much Jenny.
vanasch (164 164 positive feedback)  Mon 17 May
Jenny: Thank you so much. All the best for the next 6 months!!! Love and Light to you ??????
Just thought I would let you know that your reading made a big difference to me.It was very relatable and I got heaps of validation to manage a difficult situation. I also won some money in lotto too! You really do have a gift so thanks so much for sharing it with us??
mum2sam (23 23 positive feedback)  Thu 01 Apr
Jenny: Wow that's awesome. Love helping and so happy things have worked out positively for you. Love and Light Jenny ????
I had two 6 month readings done. The first seemed to be quite informative, but most of it didn’t happen. When I decided to get my second reading because the first one wasn’t successful, I noticed it was very similar to the first reading but Worded slightly differently. I was quite upset about it to be honest. It did seem that each month was a generic answer that that is why they both weren’t accurate because it was the same script. Literally nothing you predicted happened for me. ??
danni_89 (201 201 positive feedback)  Tue 30 Mar
Jenny: Hi, I'm sorry that the guided information you received did not seem to resonate with you. Each reading is definitely not scripted as I take time to tune in to my guides to relay the information to the client. Sometimes we expect things to happen, but actually need to take the first steps ourselves so that spirit can recognise what your intentions really are, and guide you. Hopefully you will find another reader who you can resonate with better. Love and Light Jenny
Highly recommended reader for anyone needing guidance and clarity. Wow! I cried and laughed during my reading because I felt understood. I also love that you do it via YouTube, it'll be my go-to over the next months. Guides were right about my finances, everything else was spot on. I feel more energised, positive and excited because now I know what to do. Will use the affirmations you mentioned and will get onto the guidance you and spirit provided. Thanks again Jenny with love and light. :)
glanza01 (764 764 positive feedback)  Sat 26 Dec
Jenny: Thanks so much. Really glad to help and so pleased you like your reading. Love and Light Jenny
Thank you, Jenny, for my reading. It made sense to me. And will help me to move forward with decisions that I need to make. You have an honest calm manner about your reading and I appreciate that.
pinni2 (29 29 positive feedback)  Wed 14 Oct
Jenny: Thanks so much and all the best for your future. Love and Light ??????
Thanks Jenny for the reading, you were spot on with a number of things about me and my son. Also with his future path it was similiar to something I had been told previously but had not remembered until it came up in your reading. Looking forward to the next 6 months.
hicks111 (93 93 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Tue 30 Jun
Jenny: That's wonderful. It's always a pleasure helping everyone. Glad you enjoyed your reading. Thank you. Love and Light Jenny ??????
I really appreciated my reading with Jenny. She is very thorough and explains things well. I felt she was spot on when it came to things about who I was as a person even though we have never met. The spreads for the next 6 months actually brought me some comfort and excitement and a sense of purpose of what I need to do to bring about some changes I am working on in my life. I'm very grateful and glad that I booked the session.
unicornfree (226 226 positive feedback)  Fri 01 May
Jenny: So pleased you enjoyed your reading. I love helping people so all the best. Love and Light Jenny
Was recently put onto Jenny by one of my sisters. Her reading about who I am was pretty spot on. Her 6 month reading was very positive so I'm looking forward to working on my future plans. Now my other sister wants a reading. Loved that it was video'd so I can watch it again and again.
gaptoothwoman (643 643 positive feedback)  Wed 29 Apr
Jenny: Thanks so much. I love helping people and so glad you enjoyed my new style of videoing the reading. All the best to you and stay safe ??????
What a great surprise, the reading sent through via videos was as good as having one in person. Jenny was efficient, professional and knowledgeable. She knows nothing of my life - the only guide was some extra questions I asked which were fairly general. The cards she picked and her explanation of these related well to questions Ive had in my head & my life in general. I appreciate it is what I now do with the information that counts. This is giving me great guidance. Thank you Jenny!
jandrhutt (667 667 positive feedback)  Sat 18 Jan
Jenny: That's fantastic as I often wonder if what I'm reading or saying, means something to the person. All the best for a fabulous year, Love n Light to you ??????
I had a wonderful reading with Jenny. I left feeling like I’d made a new friend. I waited a few months to write a review to see if the reading was accurate. To date everything is unfolding according to her reading. I recommend to anyone interested.
jg8 (46 46 positive feedback)  Fri 25 Oct
Thank you so much for the reading xx the message felt very on target.
rachiemon (593 593 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Fri 18 Oct
Jenny: Thank you, so happy to help. Blessings to you ??
Thank you for the wonderful and insightful readings and guidance, much appreciated Love and light. :)
anna3771 (1173 1173 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2019  Wed 21 Aug
Jenny: Thank you so much. Always a pleasure to help. Love and Light to you ????
Had two readings now and will definitely see Jenny again. Really positive experience and a wonderful energy so comfortable bto sit with
positiv.energys (151 151 positive feedback)  Sat 20 Apr
Jenny: So happy to help and all the best LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU
Thanks for the reading Jenny, my personality description was 100% accurate and I look forward to seeing how the next six months unfold. Sue
suenz75 (641 641 positive feedback)  Sun 31 Mar
Jenny: Thanks Sue and all the best for the next six months. LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU
I wanted to ask a question about something written happening in beginning of April, which I felt was not right and this is reply I got “Sorry it has gone from my head now. Was tuned in when I did it. I've been busy on other readings too. You will recognise things when they happen.” Not acceptable, wasted my $40.00.
sheena04 (143 143 positive feedback)  Sat 30 Mar
Jenny: Unfortunately this client was informed before the reading that she could ask questions so that I could focus on them when I am doing it. Extra questions are $5 each. She chose not to, then wanted me to go back and answer questions later. And as I said, I had moved on to other readings so what spirit was telling me was gone. For the $40 a numerology report was also done for her individually.So I hope she gets some benefit from learning more about her personality and life path. LOVE AND LIGHT
Nearly the end of my 6 month forecast and I must say it was quite accurate. Thank you for your assistance; I'll return in the near future:).
texan_strength (77 77 positive feedback)  Wed 06 Feb
Jenny: Thanks very much. It's lovely to hear this back from you and all the best for the next six months. Love and Light
I highly recommend , enjoy my reading ,thank you so much .
lucyrat (555 555 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2018  Fri 04 Jan
Jenny: So pleased to hear that. Thank you. Love and Light Jenny
Wow. Thanks so much for a detailed and insightful reading. You’re on point with so much which is super cool for an email reading. I’m really pleased with how easy it was to request and receive a response for a reading too, great communication. You’re a lovely lady with a special gift. Nga mihi x
stormer3 (299 299 positive feedback)  Wed 14 Mar
Jenny: Thanks so much. Glad you can relate to it. Love helping people so all the best!! Love and Light to you ??
Really enjoyed my reading, pretty spot on and so affordable for the information you receive. Thank you.
jannana (801 801 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019  Thu 21 Dec
Jenny: It is my pleasure to help and glad you enjoyed your reading. Have a wonderful Xmas. Love and Light to you
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