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Business name: Astroplus.­
Location: Napier South
Hawke's Bay
About: Christina is an experienced intuitive astrologer, author, radio host & healer who answers life questions with guidance, wisdom & spiritual connection
Services offered: Knowledge & insight into the following: Business, Career, Finance, Relationships, Elective Surgery, Fertility, Health/Ayurvedic Life, Soul Direction
Areas serviced: Hawkes Bay person to person. Nationwi­de/International via skype, phone and email
Availability: Appointmen­t arranged on contact with the client Monday to Saturday 10-5 pm. GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE
Astrology is the art of timing.
Your horoscope is your personal GPS that guides you in life.

Every event happens at a specific time & place. That instance in time holds meaning to that event & the people involved.

Everything in life works with the ebb and flow of energy from the Universe & all the earthly & heavenly bodies reside within you.

These energies interact meaningfully with your personal energy. This triggers your birth chart to reveal the events in all areas of life.

Receiving insight into your horoscope will reveal the blueprint of your individual plan of life. It opens windows to a deeper understanding of your psyche & the effect external energies, forces & personalities have on you.

With this knowledge comes the wisdom to assist you in making the best possible choices to serve you in your time of searching or conflict.

Astrology is this unravelling of the wonders of your birth chart to show the potential it holds for you: your own embedded treasure map: awakens you to the present & prepares you for the future.

‘Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654), the famous herbalist and physician, used astrology alongside his herbal medicines.
"Only astrologers are fit to study medicine, and a medical man without astrology is like a lamp without oil." ’

Interview By Womens Weekly August 2016

1 simple, clear question $30.00
2 questions $50.00

Email session $180.00

60 min session $130.00
90 min session $175.00
All health sessions $250.00

Personal Love Profile $90.00

Payment through Paypal & internet banking. Appointment once payment is confirmed.

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New Book
Learn to Self-heal & Your Astrological Health is available through her website

A valuable investment in the health of you & your family.

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I had a Reading done from lovely Christina for my Power wishes, which she explained is a certain time each year which I put out to the universe my intentions to manifest. This is done through my personal Astrology chart. Just amazing!. Has helped me so much. She explained it all so well. Fun and exciting, Gratitude Christina x:)
stella.j (57 57 positive feedback)  Sat 20 Nov
If you are looking for a reading with a difference, then you need to see Christina. I definitely recommend 90 minutes and to record it. She is such a wealth of positive and practical information, you will need to go home and listen to it again to absorb it all. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank Christina.
mookss8 (29 29 positive feedback)  Sat 06 Nov
I always get some awesome insights. This is my second year of getting a reading and I love being able to refer back to it every month for some great guidance. Very practical and applicable.
aaahhh (200 200 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2018  Fri 29 Oct
I recommend the Compatibility Profile reading with Christina ... tools for establishing clear foundations and can save misunderstandings and lessons. Going into relational situations with a zoomed out perspective ensures a smoother journey. It's always a pleasure to engage with Christina, her excellent ability to attune into things and customise astrology to specific life situations is uplifting and a good investment.
rans (706 706 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2019  Thu 28 Oct
Christina Richter is a very lovely lady with indept knowledge about astrology ,Ayurveda, medical health science etc.Had multiple seccsion with Christian, definitely highly recommended. The medical report is recommended to overcome prolonged health issues. Medical report helps to understand the root cause of health problems, how to correct the issue and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for bringing all the healing and warmth , when I need it most. Regards Jaspreet Bhathal
bhathaljass (9 9 positive feedback)  Tue 26 Oct
I recently had an astrological reading with Christina, I was certainly pleased to arrange a 90 minute consultation because there was so much to cover. I found Christina to be so very informed in her field, yet relaxed & professional. Her insights gave me hope and clarity around some health & career questions I had during a time when I was very unbalanced in my life. I fully recommend “Your Astrological Health” book that Christina published in 2020.
smileyface12 (24 24 positive feedback)  Fri 15 Oct
Thank you for my reading. Definately Highly recomended. It came at a challenging time in my life when I was seeking clarity & understanding. I walked away with both as well as personal empowerment, courage & a tinge of excitment for the future. Working with Christina was enlightening, insightful and fun. Looking forward to our next one.
shellybaby (82 82 positive feedback)  Fri 17 Sep
Had a very enlightening session with Christina about what is proving to be a stressful divorce. I feel confident to move ahead. She was totally accurate regarding dynamics going on. She also gave very useful insights about my career path again giving very precise information about the what's and whys and choices I can make now and in the near future to really achieve career aspirations. I really appreciated her wise words. I highly recommend to anyone needing clarity and peace of mind.
moreoflife (18 18 positive feedback)  Tue 14 Sep
Natal reading - I recommend the 1.5 hour session to allow time to cover things in depth and detail. Christine is passionate about what she does and likes to ensure she gets the best for a person in that time. Christine provides a big picture snap shot covering all aspects of life (career, relationships, love, life transitions, soul path etc. An interactive time where questions can be asked to identify patterns and themes. Very helpful and enlightening. Taping a session and taking notes is useful
rans (706 706 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2019  Fri 20 Aug
I was nervous about being able to keep up and jot down all the complexities of the planet affecting my sign while doing a face time reading. Surprisingly wasn't too bad and much better than getting in writing because I could give feedback as we went. Impressed as always by the indepth reading of the personal planets and haow they affect my world. Definitely, helps explain why some things feel unavoidable, etc. Recommend. Thank you.
heather16 (139 139 positive feedback)  Thu 12 Aug
Surprisingly helpful. Thanks Christina.
mini777 (301 301 positive feedback)  Thu 22 Jul
It was so helpful to receive the medical report that I requested. I read and reread it a few times and began to implement some of the recommendations. I then had a consult. Afterwards, I felt really quite empowered to continue with my son's challenging health and behaviors with a greater insight as to why he does certain behaviors and how better to respond to them. My son's health has improved and I also feel more capable of being his mum which is quite a break-through. Absolutely recommended
apollo22 (207 207 positive feedback)  Sat 17 Jul
I loved my session with Christina. She was very warm and welcoming, and I must say her reading was extremely bang on. She said things about my psyche and inner thoughts/values that only I would know - the closest people to me would not even know these things! Her way of interpreting and then articulating my chart was very clear and comprehendible. As I am a passionate learner of astrology myself, Christina also gave me insightful lessons throughout the session. I cannot wait to study with her!
p.22 (0 0 positive feedback)  Mon 12 Jul
I really was grateful for my reading with Christina today. She is such a gifted wise women. This astrology reading has helped me see what energy's are coming up for me over the next coming year. I have the tools now to look after my health, mind, body and spirit. Having that awareness is a gift and a blessing. Thankyou so much Christina! x
stella.j (57 57 positive feedback)  Wed 07 Jul
I really enjoyed my session with Christina. Clearly a lot of time, effort and work has gone into the planning and reading for my Astrology Chart. Christina is full of energy, conveys her findings in a positive, gentle and clear manner and ensured throughout my session that I understood what she was explaining. She certainly focused on the area that I asked for clarity on and was very in depth about it. Thank you very much Christina for my reading, I look forward to the big things coming!
farmercrystal (0 0 positive feedback)  Sun 09 May
I have had readings done before, none of them resonated with me. I was amazed with Christina's reading, it was really detailed and spot on, it was precise and it was me. I got to really know myself and helped me gain self-awareness that i did not have before. I happily and highly recommend this to people who are looking for spiritual guidance and want to get to know themselves. posted by: chaithra (1 ) 12:35 pm, Fri 23 Apr
chaithra (1 1 positive feedback)  Fri 23 Apr
I had a reading from Christine on my North and South Nodes (Career). I found the reading thorough, highly insightful and hugely informative. Christine is easy to talk to and ensures that you're in a lovely space to receive such precious information. I highly recommend Christine for a reading.
sanfran05 (3 3 positive feedback)  Tue 20 Apr
I saw Christina recently as I was confused about some life choices. She explained to me exactly what I was going through and for how long. Very insightful and knowledgeable will definitely recommend her services. I also found her book Your Astrological Health to be very helpful. Thank you, Christina.
hairdr (0 0 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Tue 30 Mar
Christina's insights, wisdom and clarity interpreting my charts went well beyond what I've experienced with other astrologists. She paid attention to detail, gave sage advice on where I can get out of my own way and what may either hinder or enhance where I'm heading. A 90 min session is definitely worth it. I highly recommend Christina's services.
moreoflife (18 18 positive feedback)  Sun 28 Mar
I was amazed at how insightful Christina was at my reading. It really helped to validate that I am on the right path after such a tumultuous period of my life. Christina also made some health suggestions which I am implementing asap! Overall a very insightful and enjoyable experience for me.
melb_mystic (3 3 positive feedback)  Mon 08 Feb
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