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Listing #: 2744899677
Business name: Advanced Acupunctur­e
Location: Linwood
Christchurch City
About: ACC - No surcharge - Discount for CS Cards. Get pain relief from Adam Ren and his profession­al team.
Services offered: Get expert treatment for pains & aches, sports / work related injuries, arthritis, sciatica, migraines / headaches and stress.
Areas serviced: Advanced Acupunctur­e offers 4 clinics around Christchur­ch: - 179 Woodham Road, - 260 Main North Road, Redwood. - 296 Ilam Road, - 41 lincoln rd
Availability: Monday to Friday 8am - 7pm or special appointmen­ts by arrangemen­t.
Adam Ren has studied at China's top Traditional Medical University for 8 years full time gaining his Masters degree. Adam is a highly skilled practitioner and specialises in sports injuries and pain relief from mild to acute to chronic.

Adam also specialises in Chinese chiropractic body adjustment.

Group sessions available upon request at your premises, sports club or offices within Christchurch boundary - Minimum 4 people - Enquire for Terms and Conditions. Groups of 10 or more will be offered a 25% discount for next paid sessions.

For more details please visit:

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I have had pain relief and healing at various times from Adam's acupuncture for a torn calf, shoulder injury, lower back pain and migraine headache. My headache was so quite severe but amazingly went immediately when he put the needles in which btw do not hurt. I wouldn't trust anyone else to put needles in me...he has 8 years training..Masters degree...not just a short diploma. Can't recommend more highly!!
windclimber1 (0 0 positive feedback)  Tue 14 Jun
I got very good treatment as free (ACC). My back pain has gone soon. He is very friendly and kind.
stuart274 (2 2 positive feedback)  Tue 14 Jun
Would recommend Adam. Saw him when I had a frozen shoulder and doctors and physio say nothing they could do.
gillib (18 18 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2018  Mon 13 Jun
Adam is a true professional in the art of pain relief. My back pain has greatly improved after his treatments. The best part is the massage after the needles. I would highly recommend it. A very happy client!!
ronaldo72 (18 18 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Mon 13 Jun
We call him Needleman. My wife and I having been going to Adam on and off for years, whenever we need some pain sorted.Adam does not charge that "top up" that all Physios and Chiropractors charge. That stops a lot of pain itself !! Go see "Needleman" first, you won't be disappointed.
f1yrod (501 501 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2019  Mon 13 Jun
Simply sensational result. After many years of wrestling with intra-patellar tendonitis, over half a dozen sessions saw my leg well and truly on the mend and I have experienced no pain again. Previously a skeptic, I now know acupuncture works with someone who knows what they doing. Adam is such a guy.
benefit4u (51 51 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2018  Sun 12 Jun
My wife has consulted Adam for back pain and he performed acupuncture treatment on her and the pain was immediately relieved. I strongly recommend him for his skill.
hornbill (20 20 positive feedback)  Fri 10 Jun
I have a damaged disc in my lower back, no doctor could offer me pain relief, even strong pain killers. Within two minutes I was fully relieved from my agony. It was amazing. Highly recommended.
hollyodette (94 94 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2019  Fri 10 Jun
I have a damaged disk in my lower back which adam has been treating for me with great success! this type of treatment is the most effective treatment i have tried to improve my back problems. Adam provides a very professional service and i would recommend to all!
maxtremist (33 33 positive feedback)  Thu 09 Jun
I went to Adam after my son was treated by him for a back injury - great results. I had constant pain and swelling in scar tissue after an operation 9 months ago. I had an improvement after one treatment - sessions are approx. one hour. A highly trained professional. Would recommend to all.
myrides (170 170 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2019  Thu 09 Jun
Adam has a Master degree from a Chinese medical school. He knows the traditional Chinese acupuncture methods. My Achilles injury has recovered well with his treatment and physiotherapy. I would highly recommend him!
sensational.g (38 38 positive feedback)  Thu 09 Jun
My back pain was cured here. Very effective!
wjmyth (32 32 positive feedback)  Wed 08 Jun
adam is worth a visit.acupuncture it works! I took a course to alleviate the pain in my arm & shoulder. immediately I felt relief and then it got better and now is back to normal.the needles don't hurt, the massage is firm.i say give this a try if you are in discomfort with pain.
drakestar (110 110 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2019  Wed 08 Jun
My wife has had sore neck. She went to Adam's clinic for the treatment only twice and the pain disappeared. Highly recommended.
dezhiluo (16 16 positive feedback)  Wed 08 Jun
I met Adam last year, i had lower back pain, he applied pressure in my joints once he had put the needles in instant pain relief honestly the pain was gone. After about 10 times treatment, all the pain was gone. Highly recommended.
dvalentine (7240 7240 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2018  Wed 08 Jun
The first time I met Adam was 5 years ago, and because he was so good I just had to find him again and the story continues. So this evening I went to Adam and told him a had lower back pain then he asked for my wrist he then applied pressure in my joints once he had put the needles in instant pain relief honestly the pain was gone. yes another happy customer. :-)
lisia1 (108 108 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jun
I would highly recommend going to this Acupuncture place. Adam is a real specialist at Acupuncture. I hurt my back when I was moving stocks in my warehouse. As a result, I could not stand straight. After getting one treatment from Adam, i magically healed.
ben523 (25 25 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jun
This guy is the real mccoy. I had bad neck pain - watching tv was causing my neck to kind of seize and driving was a real problem trying to look for approaching traffic at intersections. Adam used acupuncture followed by massage to free up my neck. There was no discomfort from the needles although the massage is not for the faint hearted - he really gets into the muscle and tissue and sorts out what is causing the problem. Highly recommend!
woodsy1 (70 70 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jun
Adam is really good! I had an aching back for a long time and always thought that it was simply because of seating at the desk for too long a time. After trying to stretch it out, change of posture, and using heat pads to warm up the back, but it did not resolve the problem. Who would have thought a session of acupuncture would do the trick? Highly recommended!
sojourn321 (154 154 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jun
omg this man is the best no pain no more i was at clinic today an a 80 year old man came in with auful back pain ha couldnt beleave hw much beter he was no pain so what ever my partner greg i made him go he has pain in back an knees an wrist for over 7 years im not joking pain all gone with just two visit i my have bad shoulder pain all gone im on my 3rd session highly reccomend
bella1117 (431 431 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jun
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