Mobile Car Grooming and Headlight Restoration

Listing #: 596864109
Business name: Auckland Mobile Car Cleaning Limited (AMCC)
Location: Avondale
Auckland City
About: AMCC Best Reviewed for 9+ Years / Car Cleaning / Grooming / Detailing / Wash / Valet / Cut & Polish / Pre-Sale Prep Packages / Headlight Restoration
Services offered: Contactles­s Drop off/Pick (Avondale) OR Mobile Waterless Car Cleaning, Car Grooming, Car Detailing, Car Valet, Cut & Polish, Headlight Restoration
Areas serviced: Contactles­s Drop off/Pick Up (Avondale Heights) OR a self-suffi­cient mobile unit will come to you. Travel surcharge may apply depending on location
Availability: Selling your car ? Need a complete “pre-sale package” ? Contact us for more information & availability…

As the Mobile Car Grooming Experts, they raise the bar with cutting-edge technology using a liquid polymer waterless wash that promises to leave your car with a showroom shine. When their waterless wash is applied to your vehicle, it encapsulates all the surface dirt and acts as a lubricant between the dirt and the paint, ensuring all dirt is removed without any scratching. The AMCC treatment leaves your vehicle with a protective wax coating that has been engineered specifically to give your car a superior polished finish, that helps to protect your car and keep it looking cleaner for longer!

Contactles­s Drop off/Pick (Avondale Heights) by appointment
Their team of Mobile Car Grooming Experts will come and meet you (almost) anywhere; whether it’s your home, your office car park, or even if your car is still in the showroom! Their mobile units are fully self-sufficient and they even have power onboard if it’s not easily accessible.

Their clientele are as diverse as the vehicles they see every day from Private Individuals & Families to Automotive Workshops, Fleet Management & Lease Companies to Panel & Paint Shops, Corporates, Professionals, Real Estate Agents or Business Owners.

There's no car or job to big or to small and with a reputation as strong in the industry as theirs, why would you go anywhere else.

Regular Refresh (Basic Int. & Ext. refresh):
Pricing Starting From: Small $99. Medium $119. Large $139. XL $159.

Full Groom: In need of a ‘once every 6-12 months’ groom?, this is the one for you.
Pricing Starting From: Small $169. Medium $199. Large $229. XL $259.

SELLING YOUR CAR ? Contact us for a Full Groom + Cut&Polish&Wax “Pre Sale Package” now!
Pricing Starting From: Small $399. Medium $449. Large $499. XL $599.

Headlight Restoration: Pricing From $175. - $275. /Pair

Additional Services Available: Machine Cut & Polish, Seat & Carpet Shampoo, Leather Maintenance, Protective Wax Coating POA

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Can't recommend these guys enough. I booked a clean before I sold my car and was blown away by the level of care and detail they went into. Thank you so much, we'll be regulars from now on!
afuller1 (25 25 positive feedback)  Thu 04 Nov
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Everything about Richard is just spectacular. The customer service, the valet and to accommodating special request. To be honest I was quite sceptical at start since I was using his services for 1st time and the car was a $250k+ but at the end literally blew me away with his work and how he was able to accommodate me in his busy schedule as I explained myntime restraint. On top of that he gave me a discount for dropping the car . Highly recommend So can highly recommend for expensive cars.
agclimited (0 0 positive feedback)  Wed 27 Oct
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Very happy with the work Richard did on a new purchase. He provided some good honest advice and did an immaculate job and detailing the interior. Highly recommend and I will be back for sure! Thank you!
high_times (252 252 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2019  Mon 25 Oct
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Hey Guys. Had Richard clean and shampoo the inside of one of our fleet vehicles. Blown away how well it came up like new. Thanks heaps for the professional service. Highly recommend Richard and the team.
cbearthworks (56 56 positive feedback)  Sun 10 Oct
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Epic effort on my turd of a car. Polished it to a glittery shine. Lord knows how they made the awful stench disappear and the nutty stains vaporize into thin air but they did, and this customer is happier than a clam at high tide!
rogerpetrieuk (14 14 positive feedback)  Fri 04 Jun
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Amazing service!!! What once was a disgrace is now a masterpiece thanks to the super talented team at AMCC. It’s like I’ve got a new truck again, thank you ! Highly recommend these guys to anyone out there, you won’t be disappointed !
kb532 (987 987 positive feedback)  Thu 27 May
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Richard & Cory from Auckland Mobile Car Cleaning Ltd have done another fantastic job to my 1970 Ford Mercury Cougar XR7. Richard told me what products they will use and explained the process of how they use these products. They were on time, very professional and once more did a fantastic job again inside and out. I highly recommend Richard & Cory from Auckland Mobile Car Cleaning Ltd and will not hesitate in using them again. AAA+++ 10/10.
megalodon2 (274 274 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2019  Mon 10 May
Amazing service, car looks incredible! extremely professional. I can't fault them for anything. Highly reccomend.
jesshall1414 (2 2 positive feedback)  Fri 07 May
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
On a friends recommendation I contacted Richard at AMCC for a tricky paint restoration job on a classic car. Richard rapidly arranged an appointment to come and see me at my work to get the job done. After thoroughly assessing what I needed to remedy some deterioration of an expensive paint job he flew into action and in just a few hours was able to restore my vehicle back to its pristine appearance. All while carrying a friendly conversation and happy disposition. Highly recommended!
ecjim (88 88 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Mon 12 Apr
Contact Us: Thank you so much for the kind words:) PS: stunning car ! ??
Richard at Carl came yesterday to give my black Audi a much deserved make over. I hadn't cleaned it properly for nearly a year what with water shortages and lock downs etc. They did an amazing job, were on time, passionate about what they were doing and cared about the car itself. It's not a job for these guys it's more than that. Fantastic result couldn't be happier, well worth the money, thanks Richard.
p98 (21 21 positive feedback)  Wed 24 Mar
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Richard and his team are the most professional guys around and are the only guys I’ve ever trusted to bling my Monaro always looks amazing after wards great service and came highly recommend to me
knowit (176 176 positive feedback)  Sun 14 Mar
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
5 Stars for Nanotek mobile car cleaning!! arrived on time as per booking, done an amazing job for a reasonable price, will recommend to others!! Oh did I mention they do not use a drop of water to clean your car??!!!
xi-so (349 349 positive feedback)  Mon 14 Dec
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Thank you Cory for an amazing job she didn't look this good when I brought her. dnallen
dnallen (66 66 positive feedback)  Thu 03 Dec
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Had Richard cut and polish my Cadillac today and am absolutely delighted with the end result. Thoroughly professional in every aspect of the job and great value. No hesitation what soever to recommend Richard's ability , his company's products and his attention to detail. Much appreciated.
doug5 (182 182 positive feedback)  Thu 30 Jul
Richie: Thank you for the kind words:)
OMG I am in awe of these guys!! Second time having the extreme service and extreme it is!! Don't waste your money on any other company they just don't compare!! I can't use enough explanation marks to make my point!! From one very happy customer "Thank you" Richard and team, your brilliance shines once again!!
cindy. (656 656 positive feedback)  Fri 24 Jan
Richie: Thank you for your kind words:)
Five stars for the job done on my Ford G6ET, prepping it for sale! Highly recommended!
omegaone (186 186 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019  Mon 25 Mar
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
OMG what can I say, these guys are FANTASTIC! My Mazda 6 was looking rather shabby to say the least, no clean in eons apart from the Z car wash that just scratched her up and still left dirt everywhere. Don't even bother with the guys at the Westfield carparks these guys s&*t all over them. She's parked outside so she takes a bit of a hammering with weather but Cory came out and worked his magic and she's never looked so good! Highly highly recommend you won't regret it :)
cindy. (656 656 positive feedback)  Fri 25 Jan
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Yesterday Richard and his team applied their magic to my '68 GTO and left it gleaming. What a pleasure to have someone who understands cars work on it, (he is a Firebird owner). I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to any classic or muscle car owners who might otherwise feel nervous about a stranger on the end of a power buffer. Chris
violetellis (1227 1227 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2019  Thu 06 Dec
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Ive been polishing and vacuuming my dear old Fairmont for years .Got these guys to do a pro clean today and was blown away .Not only is it gleaming paint wise,i don't know how the carpets look new with just a vacuum that they did.Good work Thanks Guys
dobbie101 (128 128 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Mon 26 Nov
Richie: That has to be one of the best cared for BA Fairmonts's we've had the privelage of grooming. Enjoy the nice clean car and thanks for the kind words :)
Thanks for make my Yellow Commodore look like new again. It was great to chat again, its been a while. Great job thanks very much.
maxshona (241 241 positive feedback)  Thu 06 Sep
Richie: Thank you for the kid words :))
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