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Listing #: 606235196
Business name: Megasquirt NZ Ltd
Location: Nelson
Nelson / Tasman
About: Megasquirt EMS is a dedicated aftermarke­t ECU Dyno tuning company and have done more than 400 installs and tuning of customers vehicles
Services offered: Megasquirt Sales, Installati­ons and DynoTuning Sales of EFI products, incl. Injectors,­Coils,Igniters,etc Supercha­rger/Turbocharger Kits
Areas serviced: Nelson South Island Other Regions on Request

Megasquirt Complete Kits available for:

1UZFE Lexus V8
Nissan RB engines - all types
Nissan SR,CA,FJ,VQ,VG,VH, and L series
Toyota 4AG engines - all types
Toyota 3SGE/3SGTE, 3VZFE, 1MZFE, 3T
Mazda Rotary - all types

Mazda MX5 - Plug and play
MX5 - supercharger kits from $4200
MX5 - Turbo kits from $6800
Mitsubishi 4G63T,4G93T,6A12TT, 6A13TT
Holden V6, V8 and LS-1
Ford XR6, XR8, ZETEC
Subaru EJ engines - all types
and many many others

All Megasquirt kits comes with, ECU, Basemap, MAP sensor hose, Wiring loom , Manuals, Wiring Diagram, and free USB to Serial Cable

We also do custom Supercharger and Turbocharger kits for most motors.

We also supply:
Igniter Packs
Coil Packs
Injector Resistor Packs

Triggerwheels and Sensors also in stock
for converting Distributor Engines to Coilpack and Coil Per cylinder.
Triggerwheels 36-1 from $95
Variable Reluctor Sensors from $55
Hall Effect Sensors from $65

Installations for $75 hour
Average install takes 10-16 hours depending on type and state of vehicle.
Running vehicles will have a shorter install time as opposed to vehicles that require an new loom installed

Dyno Tuning for $150 hour all done in-house on our 2200hp Dynapack Hub Dyno

Tuning and Datalogging also available at several Trackdays throughout the year
Contact for more information or visit website

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Ive just finished the install of my 2nd megasquirt form Jared, super easy to hook up, started up first pop. Jareds back up and knowledge is awesome, hes always helpfull and not judgemental. Dont hesitate to purchase a Megasquirt,you wont regret it
v8landy (94 94 positive feedback)  Sat 23 May
Hi, I'm interest in getting a megasquirt ECU for My 1UZ but none of my local tuners are willing to tune it for me, what can I do?? I'm in chch.
thebestke30 (77 77 positive feedback)  Wed 12 Jun
Jared: Hi Jono The ECU comes with an excellent tune on it already - so needs very little in the way of tweaking to optimise the power and economy of the Lexus V8 You can use the inbuilt AUTOTUNE function and tune it yourself Or if a tuner sees the engine is running well already - most likely will be willing to tweak the fuel and ignition maps - the software is very userfriendly so any half decent tuner wil get a good result
I purchased a MS2 setup from Jared for our 32 coupe, with a 392 hemi in it. I installed it, followed Jared's instructions, it fired up straight away, and since added in the ignition as well. It runs extremely well, makes serios power, and at the same time it happens to be very ecomonical! Jareds back up, and support, answering questions is fantastic.
56murcus (43 43 positive feedback)  Thu 14 Mar
I got a MS2 from Jared, Very happy, install was super easy with all wires labeled, started first time and ran as good as stock ecu with the base tune supplied,only required minor tuning, Follow up help was exceptional from Jared even answering questions on weekends etc .
v8landy (94 94 positive feedback)  Mon 02 Jul
I purchased the Megasquirt 3 controller and engine wiring loom for Jared. Has worked great! Jared has been really helpful both on the hardware and software side. He knows the mix of both and related engine setups. When I had a hardware issue he fixed in 24 hours and returned to me. I am really pleased that I can now adjust my engine. I replaced the 25 year ECU and wiring loom on my 1UZFE. The MAP and air temp sensor for my M90 work well. I hope to get to his place for a dynotune.
blazers10 (82 82 positive feedback)  Fri 24 Nov
Hi there, do you tune Link G4 PNP ecu's? If so just wondering a ballpark figure for a full tune from a base map; tuning idle, accel enrichment, setting up launch control, high boost low boost switch, electronic boost control etc. Car is a 1.6 na MX5. Cheers
tacticalpotato (105 105 positive feedback)  Wed 12 Apr
Jared: Hi Yes - we tune Links all the time For tuning if you budgetted around $800 that should cover it As for the boost control,high/low switch - that will all be on an hourly charge - but we've done it countless times before so shouldn't take too long We'll need the car for around a week to make sure all the cold start, warmup enrichment, idle control etc is all perfect
Eye mate, just a quick question on outputs in the ecu. Does the unit you sell for $850 for rb25 have 6x injector & 6x coil outputs? Cheers, Dan.
aged-70 (13 13 positive feedback)  Thu 23 Mar
Jared: Hi Dan It has 2 outputs for injectors (alternating injection) and 3 or 6 outputs for coils depending on whether you want a wastespark or coil per cylinder I can do a full sequential setup using the MS3-Pro for $2000
hey there how much to tune a 1999 Mitsubishi lancer 1.6 mivec and can you re tune a factory ecu and if so how much to get tuned if not how much for a ecu plus tune
rocksdog (573 573 positive feedback)  Sat 04 Mar
Jared: Hi Unfortunately the Mitsubishi ECU's are locked - so aren't able to be tuned like some factor ECU's However we can do a Megasquirt ECU, Installation and Dynotuned package for a flatrate of $2500 That will make the engine run at it's peak efficiency and get the most out of any modifications that have been done. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us
hi there have a Toyota starlet 95 ep82 non turbo how much for a ecu install and tune
crystalmannz (31 31 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2018  Sun 05 Feb
Jared: Hi Brian You'll be looking at $2400 for a full ECU, installation and dynotuned package contact us via our TRADEME SERVICES or through our website WWW.MEGASQUIRTNZ.CO.NZ for more information
Do you sell un-assembled MS3/MS3X kits?
chanelle. (56 56 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2015  Thu 10 Nov
Jared: No sorry Only assembled kits and the MS3-Pro system
how much for a megasqirt php 2 for a 1.6l 1990 mx5+t with the AIT and vacuum hose line ?
deanooooo (75 75 positive feedback)  Wed 02 Nov
Jared: Hi I can do a setup for $1025 including GST and shipping Contact us through our TRADEME SERVICES or through our website WWW.MEGASQUIRTNZ.CO.NZ We have several in stock
Good morning! I have an 06 MX5 NC 2.0L, all stock, I'd like to supercharge in the long run. How much would be the cheapest option for me, given the cars stock? Install would need to be done too as I dont have the tools! thanks! Alex
good_tradez (62 62 positive feedback)  Sun 16 Oct
Jared: Hi Wehaven't actually done a forced induction package on the NC yet - so can't give an exact price But expect around 7-8k to do it properly
How much to Install a ECU in my Mazda MX-5 +T (turbo) with a tune/dyno aswell?
fatduds (20 20 positive feedback)  Fri 14 Oct
Jared: Hi If it's a 89-97 then it will be a flat rate of $1900 for an ECU, installation and dynotune If it's a 98-05 then it will be $2200 Contact us via our TRADEME SERVICES or through our website WWW.MEGASQUIRTNZ.CO.NZ for more information
Hey jared Im looking at a fuel only system for my early holden 6. basically be running v6 injectors and sensors. Some of the loom will need to be completed by you obviously. would i be close in thinking i will be under $1000 with out a dyno tune?
wazzarentals (299 299 positive feedback)  Thu 29 Sep
Jared: Hi Warren contact us on MEGASQUIRT@FARMSIDE.CO.NZ or through our website WWW.MEGASQUIRTNZ.CO.NZ and I'm sure I can setup a system to meet your requirements
Do u have for a mitsubishi gto ( 6g72 tt ) ? what is the average cost ? thanks
titilia1 (334 334 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2018  Fri 26 Feb
Jared: Hi Yes we can do an ECU for the 6G72 engine You'll be looking at $975 for an ECU or $2400 for an ECU , installation and tune. Contact us through the website if you want to book or need more information
ive got a VT 3.8 super charged v6 auto going to put 5 spee into it got most bits to do it but only got auto computer thats been dicked with can i run a auto computer if you program it for me and how much please thanx ..Dave that ued to work at trufold with big kev, whos bighorn you did with a v6 in it
lunchbox59 (13 13 positive feedback)  Sun 17 Jan
Jared: Hi While we can tune the stock ECU if it's post 2000 - I have the HP Tuner Module - it would have to start up on the factory ECU and we also have to have the Chassis number of the vehicle it came out of. It's will be way easier, cheaper in the long run and more power production to fit a Megasquirt ECU to it, then we can fit a smaller pulley and run more power too Contact me at MEGASQUIRT@FARMSIDE.CO.NZ for more details
how much would cost a ecu for a mx-5 1999 NB.
titilia1 (334 334 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2018  Fri 08 Jan
Jared: Hi You'll be looking at $825 for an ECU to suit which includes a direct replacement 36-1 triggerwheel which gives higher resolution than the stock 4 tooth version
Very Professional Company Fitted a Megasquirt to my R32 skyline with a brand new show quality loom and fully dynotuned it in less than a week all for less than the cost of buying a Link computer Goes hard and even get better economy than stock - Couldn't be happier
mikep131 (70 70 positive feedback)  Fri 27 Nov
Hey there, could you make an ecu to suit a 1jzgte non vvti single turbo soarer? cheers
dubblel (81 81 positive feedback)  Wed 12 Aug
howsit m8 ive got a nissan skyline r33 running a rb30det with a mega squirt ecu installed how much am i looking at getting it dyno tuned?
jamestia (43 43 positive feedback)  Mon 10 Aug
Jared: Hi Depends on if you just want the full power tuning done, or a comprehensive tune with cold start, light load, variable boost, emission friendly tune sorted In which case I'll need the car for 2-3 days Dynotuning is on an hourly basis at $100 an hour For a full comprehensive tune you'll be looking at around $800
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