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Location: Hastings Central
Hawke's Bay
About: HI I'm Sharn. I can help YOU.
Services offered: Psychic Tarot Readings Mediumship House Blessings. Healing on humans & Animals And removal of unwanted spirits.
Areas serviced: The world
Availability: Monday to Friday 10am to 6:00pm.
I have designed an easy to learn Tarot course. For more information contact me through this page or give me a call.

WORKING HOURS-: Monday to Friday

By phone
An hour $110
45 minutes $90
Half hour $70
One question 15 minutes $50

By phone
Half hour $100

By phone
Removal of unwanted spirits, cleansing, blessing and protection & curse removal. For your home, Business or person $190.00

By phone
Half hour $100

By phone
Half an hour $100


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99% from 410 reviews.

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Blown away with my reading. so far everthing that Sharn says has happened, one of the things the day after the reading! She is very easy to talk to and ask questions. Feel like a weight has been lifted off my sholders. Have also had a horse read, and his reading makes total sense and so far is panning out to be what Sharn said i have no doubts it will follow exactly as she explained. Highly recommend!!
hj1992 (23 23 positive feedback)  Fri 29 Oct
Additional to my first review sent through on 2nd July 2020. I wanted to update my progress on the job and career readings I had with you Sharn. Everything you said in 2019 and 2020 is starting to unfold exactly as described. I am blown away how accurate you were with describing the people , the type of industry, even details about the actual role and the offer I receive will exceed my expectations. Amazing gift you have, took 2yrs to unfold but I am seeing it all now. Thank you
jannana (802 802 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019  Wed 06 Oct
Sharn: That's fantastic news well done you
What a beautiful, real, reading. Sharn connected to my exact situation, the issues at hand and clarified some of my stuckness. I appreciated her honesty. I wkll be back for sure.
bevans10 (0 0 positive feedback)  Fri 09 Jul
Hi Sharn I wouldn’t mind my money back! NOTHING you said has come to pass and in fact the exact opposite has happened. Also this Picture of a world ravaged by COVID and ending up like an episode of “the walking dead” is a joke. Also when asked what my future partner was like and to be told.... they like the indoors and the outdoors equally! Really.
zeromax (259 259 positive feedback)  Tue 06 Jul
Sharn: Just been reading your terrible trade me reviews. One trade me member even called you a nasty arse woman. That one made me lol. I wouldn't mind my time back. Don't put words into my mouth I would never speak. I would never use those words " the walking dead". 4 million plus poor soles lost to Covid so far & the daily total rises every day. Covid is here to stay for a very long time. I gave you an in depth description of the personality of your future partner. Really!!!!!!!!
I had an hours reading this morning, overall it was on point and Sharn picked up exactly where I was at. I was abit disappointed however as the second half of the reading seemed to go off track and 20 mins was spent talking about the coronavirus which was not relevant to me...i should have asked to get back on track this I regret. Overall a really lovely lady and definitely the real deal.
cherokee2 (287 287 positive feedback)  Tue 15 Sep
Amazing Sharn did a reading and wow ,all come together , she confirmed the year ahead would be amazing , and was it ever , the best , very accurate , would recommend her , she is honest , and accurate
deanosteve (181 181 positive feedback)  Mon 03 Aug
I had 3 readings about the same subject between Jan19 and Jan20 all 3 readings made my heart smile, the sad part is hoping and waiting for these things to unfold. A year and a half later still no progress...
jannana (802 802 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019  Thu 02 Jul
Sharn is INCREDIBLE. I've had numerous reading over the years, loads positive, however, you can gauge from the get-go Sharn is completely authentic and incredibly gifted. No-nonsense and excellent psychic who I have referred to numerous people, all with equally positive experiences. I also had a phone reading which I was very apprehensive about, but absolutely blown away. HIGHLY recommend her. Holly
hollymaree1 (18 18 positive feedback)  Wed 17 Jun
Loved my reading almost want another one to find out more! Sharn knew stuff that know one else would know! Thanks sharn :) just amazing
chillie123 (0 0 positive feedback)  Sun 14 Jun
Sharn is an absolute angel. She was spot on with her readings without any prior information. She did not just give general information rather, she went into great detail. Its as if she was answering my question in my head in real-time.
kha107 (24 24 positive feedback)  Tue 02 Jun
Sharn is The Real Deal people. If you want a no nonsense assessment of where you're at in life and the possibility of where your path will take you, then Sharn is the Lady to speak to. She was so accurate with small details that it truly gives me goosebumps. PLUS a Big dose of clarity and positivity when life before me seemed like a big black void and very scary. Sharn is a straight talker but so much compassion and Love. She truly is a rare talent and an absolute Gem.
blingqueen1 (36 36 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Sat 23 May
Sharn told me in my first reading the love of my life was manipulative, lazy, not right , and to get away from him . Said I’d study a language that had a overseas connection . Thought what a load of rubbish she is ( I hate study especially languages ) two weeks after reading found out love of life was cheating among other things. Update : I am now studying statement analysis (language) from an overseas provider . Sharn doesn’t mince her words , honest , accurate and says it how it is. 5stars
puppywoo (45 45 positive feedback)  Thu 21 May
I remember 4 years ago Sharn and I were having a chat during my reading, and Sharn had said she saw the borders of the world closing, all planes grounded and no flights in/out of anywhere, but she doesn't know why. Now as we live through COVID, we can both see why. Once again it has shown me how strong Sharn's gift is. She has always been accurate with her readings with me. Let's hope COVID passes soon.
nl29 (13 13 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Sat 02 May
I had a great reading with sharn. It really assured me about my future and where I am heading. I am grateful for her insight, kind and caring manner and wording.. thank you sharn I will definitely be in contact again.
pinni2 (29 29 positive feedback)  Fri 17 Apr
I've used Sharn on many occasions but today I was so touched when she went over and above to help me. It shows the goodness of her heart. Thank you Sharn.
nl29 (13 13 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Mon 20 Jan
Had two readings with Sharn between couple of years. Excellent communication and first reading predictions did happen still waiting to see the rest unfold. My second reading was very good too as she picked up on things but one area of my concern was work which was on my second reading sad to say that prediction didn’t come as mentioned but totally opposite as to what she saw but no hard feelings maybe something would unfold. Thank you, jyotika
neelsturr (70 70 positive feedback)  Sun 15 Dec
Don't know where to start or what to say. I cannot wait to see what was said play out. I found Sharn an absolute delight and have so much to digest. Thank you for sharing your special gift with me.
mpgk (132 132 positive feedback)  Thu 17 Oct
Sharn is fantastic! Had readings years ago and was always good, now we've returned to NZ and WOW - spot on as always. There's no doubting Sharn's natural abilities and I loved connecting again. She's spot on with information and delivers a kind, no nonsense reading that is clear and accurate. Definitely highly recommend Sharn if you're seeking true guidance or some answers to your questions. She's amazing! Thanks for helping me once again Sharn :) Love & Blessings to you. Rowena xx
tigerlilly8 (1883 1883 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Thu 22 Aug
Reading & healing- I have had multiple readings from Sharn. Her guidance is always on point. Few weeks ago I had my first healing with her. She did a great job picking me up from my negative state, where I was going to give up on everything, to a more positive frame of mind. I felt lighter and could see clearly once the negativity was cleared. She is carrying me through a rough patch at the moment with her gift of guidance, insight and healing. It's worth it. Thanks Sharn.
nl29 (13 13 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Fri 16 Aug
Best reading ever. Connecting with a loved one was one of the best experiences ive had and everything passed onto me actually happened. That was a year ago. Now ready for another one. Thank you Sharn ??
unikmum (698 698 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2018  Thu 15 Aug
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