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Becoming authenticated requires you to:
  1. Enter contact details. Please make sure you have entered your contact details on your My Trade Me page.

  2. Credit your Trade Me account. Your account credit is used for fees you incur as a seller. You can top up your account from your My Trade Me page (minimum $1).


    Purchase an item using Pay Now. Use your credit or debit card to pay for an item using Pay Now, Trade Me's instant payment system.
Authentication is the first step in becoming a trusted trader. Authenticated members have a red star (Red star) by their user name.

As an authenticated trader you can:

  • Become Address Verified for free
  • Bid on up to 100 auctions a day
  • Place bids over $5000
  • Use the question and answer feature
  • View restricted categories
  • Sell items on Trade Me
  • Run 'Authenticated members only' auctions
  • Place reviews on service listings