Name:Matt or Andy
Location:Waitakere City
Member Since:January-2004

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Very professional, good communication, efficient, reasonably priced and informative. Provided me with repairs to my stove and answered questions I had as well as provided advice to reduce significant wear and tear. Happy to call again in future. 
mellifluous1 (19 19 positive feedback)   1:20 pm, Thu 14 Sep Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Very pleasant professional tradesman, fixed my stove top and oven fan quickly and very fair price. I would highly recommend him! 
mistamista1 (63 63 positive feedback)   7:23 pm, Thu 18 May Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Matt was awesome. He took on my1950 Moffat stove when others had given up on it. He was just so positive about fixing it. The old girl's got another lease of life, thank you ! 
maxman3 (14 14 positive feedback)   9:29 pm, Wed 17 May Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Excellent service and communication from Matt! Very pleasant person to deal with and kept me informed every step of the way! Fast and friendly service is a rare find indeed so I would be more than happy to recommend Appliance Repairs to anyone! Thanks again Matt! 
diriliam (780 780 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2016   9:00 am, Sat 13 May Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Great job - kept us informed and offered honest advise on repairing/replacing machines. Would use again next time for sure. 
number4 (712 712 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2017   3:36 pm, Tue 02 May Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Fantastic repairer! Gave plenty of advice before I'd even booked him, then ended up having to take my machine offsite. I was almost ready to buy a new one, when he fixed it and it's come back better (and quieter) than I ever remember! Fair price, reliable and friendly! Happy to recommend! Thanks 
jillchris (366 366 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016   8:06 am, Wed 08 Mar Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Pleasant Guy. Good communicator. Great service. Reasonable rate. 
bobnlesley (184 184 positive feedback)   9:36 am, Mon 27 Feb Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Extremely skilled professional tradesman. Very responsive. I had called many places before finding Matt however they were did not have the knowledge to fix the issue I was having with my front loader. Matt came found the problem had the parts ordered and finished job quick snap. The total repair cost was less than what other tradesman charge for a callout fee. I highly recommend you call Matt for your repairs you will not be disappointed. 
seeknuwillfind (251 251 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2016   6:26 pm, Thu 16 Feb Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Highly skilled, amenable and knowledgeable about our machine and how we could look after it. Thank you Matt for fixing our Bosch and sharing your passion and enthusiasm. 
lilithdupont (129 129 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016   10:50 pm, Fri 03 Feb Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Matt was amazing, even though he was flat out he managed to squeeze our job in. He was professional and reliable. Highly reccomened! 
cole222 (92 92 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2017   7:24 am, Thu 02 Feb Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Excellent service: Helpful & Honest. A Big thanks to Matt! Highly recommend. From Allan. 
zhiyi (338 338 positive feedback)   3:09 pm, Fri 27 Jan Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Excellent service - helpful, honest and great replacement. Big thanks to Matt from Sharron! 
wsml (1 1 positive feedback)   12:57 pm, Fri 27 Jan Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Highly recommend Matt. Quick, honest & does the job! Our w/machine (Electrolux front loader) died from a power surge and within 2-3 days Matt took it away, repaired it, serviced it & returned - just in time for Xmas - with lots of great advice & hints as well! Awesome. Thank you. 
buyme97 (651 651 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2017   9:19 pm, Tue 03 Jan Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Matt is the kind of tradesman who tells it like it is. He provides great advice and he's NOT trying to retire on your repair quotation. Fair prices and the best service to be had here. Matt, you are a STAR!!! 
sondek (1167 1167 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2017   11:45 am, Thu 08 Dec Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Matt was quick to reply and we managed to troubleshoot via photos and prepare the required parts. This saved having to make multiple appointments. Would use Matt's services again. 
piggyo7 (13 13 positive feedback)   1:22 pm, Thu 01 Dec Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Matt was the only company that would/could fix my Maytag washing machine. Fixed the main issue and overhauled all the seals to ensure long life, provided a full run down of what he did, detailed invoice. Highly recommend his services!! Thank you 
patana1 (47 47 positive feedback)   8:01 pm, Sun 20 Nov Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
My Electrolux Time Manager stopped functioning and just a few tips from Matt, it was working again. He asked the right questions and provide knowledgable solutions, he is genuine electrical service guy whom I would call again. Thank you very much for helping out. 
braveheart72 (8 8 positive feedback)   5:58 pm, Wed 14 Sep Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Awesome - quick and knowledgeable response. Matt picked up on the problem straight away - fixed it within the week. Great service. Highly recommended. 
gmoney000 (89 89 positive feedback)   7:19 pm, Mon 12 Sep Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS
Quick response and advice, thank you 
pwerbin (90 90 positive feedback)   11:01 am, Thu 30 Jun Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Matt did an excellent job in fixing my leaking dishwasher. He is friendly and knowledgeable and charged reasonably. Will recommend him to all my friends who need repairs on their appliances. Thanks Matt! 
llarry (22 22 positive feedback)   3:25 pm, Thu 16 Jun Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Matt has provide a great service to fix my old F&P oven! Very informative, quick responses and a reasonable price. Highly recommended to anyone and will definitely use him again myself. 
rcr2 (25 25 positive feedback)   10:58 am, Thu 09 Jun Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Great service from Matt. Needed a quick repair and Matt turned up when he said. 
macros (290 290 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2017   8:51 am, Thu 09 Jun Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Matt - provided awesome and efficient work! Simpson WM repaired and up and running without breaking the bank - thank you heaps - Aroha 
2atii (91 91 positive feedback)   4:42 pm, Fri 06 May Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Had Westinghouse stove top fixed. Very informative and reasonably priced on the replaced parts. Came on time and got everything fixed and tested within half an hour, awesome and efficient work! 
Great service, very efficient! 
Matt is my ‘GO TO’ guy for appliance repairs. He fixed our F&P dishwasher a while ago and it’s been going well ever since. This week our F&P washing machine got very noisy on spin cycle. He took it away and we had it back in less than a day! Both repairs were good value. He provides excellent service and has the skills to repair where possible, a lot of Techs these days just swap out modules. If you have an appliance problem call this guy he knows his stuff! 
Excellent service. Matt knows his stuff, responds quickly and does a great job. Cheers 
Quick communication, fantastic service and excellent value. I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone! 
Fantastic! Quick email with quotes etc and quick to come out to fix my oven. " Was really knowledagable too about the brand. Definitely would use again 
I used Matthew to fix my older Samsung washing machine and then a few days later my Smeg oven. I thought I would need to replace both units with new but he made cost effective repairs and has breathed life back into both. The service was fast he was polite and frankly in a world of cowboy repair people Matthew was fantastic. I have recommended him to friends and would be my first call next time I have an appliance needing repair. Thanks for the service. 
Wonderful service! Our old european washing machine broke down, everybody else refused to even come and look at it. Matthew came straight away and fixed it in no time! 
ile.b (100 100 positive feedback)   10:17 am, Wed 02 Sep Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Quick & friendly service at a very reasonable cost. Would definitely use again. 
jmc49 (6 6 positive feedback)   4:45 pm, Sun 19 Jul Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Fantastic service! Called Matt and same day he come around and started the repairs that we needed on our washing machine. He was efficient and did not over charge at all. 
Excellent Service !! I called Matthew and he was able to repair my machine the same day! He was at my address within an hour of my call, and had a replacement part on hand. I have never ever had such a prompt, efficient, professional serviceman visit my home. I am more than happy to recommend this wonderful man others. 
Great communication, Matthews message gave an indication of turnaround time, and he followed up after to ensure everything was ok. He delivered early which was great timing for the weekend. Overall Exceptional communication and great job done. Everything you want in a tradesman/serviceman! Thanks Matt!!! 
quinnaa (75 75 positive feedback)   10:46 am, Tue 09 Jun Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
yet again another smooth & efficient service provided by a professional & friendly business. Fantastic price for a high quality item installed so quickly I didn't even see it done. :-) Thank you!! 
Fast service and gave a thorough explanation of the repair and how to prevent future issues. Decent price and he threw in a couple of extras. Thanks! 
After waiting for a reply for two days from another repairman. Txted Matthew and got an instant reply. Repair booked for the next morning and fixed promptly. Also had some great advice. For a great price too. Would highly recommend!!! 
g242 (23 23 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2016   5:22 pm, Sun 03 May Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Awesome service! I have a Candy washing machine which is completely rare in New Zealand and spare parts is a problem. Previous technician told me that my machine is dead and it does not worth to repair that or I have to pay a lot otherwise. But I decided to call Matt to double check. Though the issue has been confirmed he repaired this for the reasonable price. The machine is running well now! 
east1987 (32 32 positive feedback)   11:19 am, Wed 29 Apr Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
We are very happy with our washing machine repair. And we highly recommend Mathew. 
I have just had the pleasure of meeting matthew Thankyou for a great job. he turned up on time,quickly fixed the dishwasher,and offer me free call out fee next time for the spare part if it has the same fault again for my old control panel. just Fantastic ,thx again . 
Great and prompt service. He is efficient and professional. I would recommend him. 
neathing (19 19 positive feedback)   10:01 pm, Fri 10 Apr Service: Washing Machine Repairs only $55 Call out Fee
I will surely recommend Matthew or Appliance Repairs Parts & Services to all my friends and members in the gym. Not only did he do an excellent work on our Stove Repair but he got excellent customer service, very efficient and very reliable. His price is very reasonable. He is very kind not to charge us another extra call charge fee when he came back to fix another problem. I highly recommend his service to anyone. Thank you Mathew for your help. It is much appreciated. Cely,Don Olivers Gym 
mmgold (357 357 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2017   9:13 am, Sat 14 Mar Service: STOVE & OVEN ,WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS $55 Callout
Fantastic service. Our washing machine stopped working and within a couple of hours of calling it was repaired and running as new. Thank you so much. 
rachelmyers (63 63 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2016   8:53 am, Sat 07 Mar Service: Washing Machine Repairs only $55 Call out Fee
Mathew was awesome. He was very quick to locate the problem and he gave that extra service that i wasn't expecting. His price was reasonable ! Hirely recommend mathew!!definitely will share his service with my mates and family!! 
Matt gave us excellent service, very prompt very efficient and excellent value.!! Thank you so much 
juno8844 (2 2 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2016   11:15 pm, Fri 06 Feb Service: Washing Machine Repairs only $55 Call out Fee
Mark repaired our washing machine. Absolutely fantastic all round. We sent text. Got a prompt reply. He even estimated the cost. He updated us to let us know when he was on the way. Identified problem. Obviously very knowledgeable. Even gave advice on future maintenance. Very friendly. Excellent service and more - could not have expected anything more. We played our part too - we paid promptly upon receiving the invoice! Thanks Mark. 
nazimah (92 92 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2017   8:06 pm, Thu 29 Jan Service: Washing Machine Repairs only $55 Call out Fee
Definitely worth the call. The issue with my oven was discussed thoroughly over the phone and I was told what the cheaper option would be. Matt also came and did the repair a day earlier than expected. Thank you for your up front and reliable service. It's much appreciated. Great to have a working oven again. 
Called Matthew and he was able to book us in the next day. We were very impressed with this professionalism, friendly attitude and honest and affordable pricing. He gave us a 2 day turn around for repairs and delivered our dishwasher back like new as promised - actually 30 minutes earlier. We highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for an honest, affordable repairer. The Lum family 
Honest, comprehensive assessment of my phone query, and swift, economical repair. Matt is keenly interested in his trade, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Both on the phone and on the job he willingly shared his experience, saving me a lot of money. 
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