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Director: James Burrows
Main cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer
Synopsis: The One With The Jellyfish Ross dumps Bonnie, which takes all night; she leaves in the morning. Meanwhile, Rachel writes a long letter to Ross that she needs him to read before they get back together; he tries to read it but falls asleep... then has to fake it when she asks him about it; Ross agrees with the letter before he finds out what it says; once he finds out the letter asks him to accept the breakup was all his fault, he's not sure he can keep up the charade. Phoebe is upset that her real mother never tried to contact her; she tells her mother she never wants to see her again, but her mother finally convinces her to reconcile. Monica, Chandler, and Joey spend the day on the beach; Joey digs a hole; Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. Joey remembers that peeing on a jellyfish sting takes the pain away; Monica "can't bend that way" and Joey gets "Stage Fright," leaving Chandler. Ross can't stand hiding his feelings and he and Rachel break up again. The One With The Cat Joey and Chandler agree to sell their oversized entertainment center; they have a hard time selling it but and easy time being robbed by a prospective buyer, thanks to Joey. Monica goes out with Chip, Rachel's high school prom date; unfortunately, Chip hasn't grown much since Lincoln High. Ross and Rachel continue to bicker about their break-up. Phoebe finds a cat and is convinced it's her mother reincarnated; a poster is found for a missing cat, but no one has the heart to tell Phoebe... except Ross. The One With The 'Cuffs Chandler and Joey try to make due with patio furniture and a canoe as their only furnishings. Chandler bumps into Joanna (Rachel's boss) and they go out again... and end up having quite a fling; while sneaking into Joanna's office, Rachel finds Chandler half naked and hand-cuffed to a chair. Monica caters her mother's party and "pulls a Monica" when she loses a fake nail in one of the quiches. A salesman tries to sell Joey encyclopedias, but Joey just can't afford a whole set. The One With The Ballroom Dancing Joey chews out Mr. Treeger, the superintendent, for making Rachel cry; Mr. Treeger decides to evict Rachel and Monica; in order to smooth things over, Joey agrees to be Mr. Treeger's practice ballroom dancing partner. Chandler tries to end his membership at his gym; Ross goes with him for moral support but ends up joining as well. Phoebe struggles (unsuccessfully) to contain her desires for Rick, one of her massage clients; she ends up being fired and he turns out to be married. The One With Joey's New Girlfriend Chandler introduces himself to a good looking girl (Kathy), only to find out that she's dating Joey; as they get to know each other, Chandler's feelings get deeper. Whenever Rachel is around, Ross goes out of his way to mention Amanda, a single mother he's been seeing; Rachel counters by dating Josh, a much younger man; however, Amanda uses Ross as a babysitter so she can date another man, and Josh steals from Rachel. Ross uses weird gestures he made up as a kid instead of offensive ones. Phoebe has a bad cold which makes her singing voice sexy; when she recovers she desperately tries to catch another cold; she even kisses Gunther. The One With The Dirty Girl Ross dates a fantastically beautiful paleontologist (Cheryl); everything is going great until he finds out she's incredibly messy. Chandler buys a rare copy of Kathy's favorite book for her birthday, but then has to make sure that Joey's gift is good, too. Phoebe lends Monica money so she can make a more serious attempt to get her catering business going; Monica has a little trouble collecting payment from a client. Rachel strives to finish a crossword puzzle all by herself. The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line Chandler becomes further frustrated when he accidentally sees Kathy coming out of the shower. Joey is late for a date with Kathy because he's on a date with someone else; Chandler and Kathy spend time alone together and they kiss; Chandler feels so guilty that he refurnishes the apartment; Kathy breaks up with Joey, and he suspects there is another man; Chandler admits it was him, causing a rift between himself and Joey. Ross rediscovers his musical "sound," but he isn't really as good as he and Phoebe seem to believe; Phoebe doesn't want to perform because she feels dwarfed by Ross's musical gift. The One With Chandler In A Box Joey is still upset at Chandler about Kathy; he tries to get over it but can't, and decides to move out... until he and Chandler stumble upon a way for Chandler to make it up to him--spending most of Thanksgiving day in a box. Monica injures her eye but doesn't want to have to see Richard again; she arranges to see the on-call doctor, who turns out to be very cute... and Richard's son. The gang decides to do secret Santa for each other; Ross torments Rachel about always exchanging gifts, until she can't stand it and shows him all the stuff she saved from their relationship. The One Where They're Going To A Party Phoebe and Monica buy a van (with a mural, flashing nipples, and other "extras") for their catering business; Monica fills in for a food critic in a small local newspaper; after she gives a restaurant a scathing review, they offer her a job as the new head chef; she has to chose between it and the catering business. Ross and Chandler make plans to party with Gandolf, the party wizard; Gandolf cancels and Ross and Chandler are left bored, until Joey convinces them that they can party themselves. Rachel tries for a new position at work, but her boss doesn't quite cooperate. The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie Joey sets a personal record for sticking Oreos in his mouth--15. Ross dates a girl from Poughkeepsie but is concerned about the distance involved in seeing her. Rachel wants a relationship--or at least a fling--so Chandler offers to set her up with someone; when his coworkers find out it's Rachel and that she's not looking for a serious relationship, they all bribe Chandler to set them up. Monica gets no respect at work; she hires Joey in order to fire him, so everyone will know who's boss; but Joey likes the tips, so he has a hard time going along with the plan. Phoebe works (and works and works) on a Christmas song for her friends. Ross takes a train to Poughkeepsie to break up, but falls asleep and ends up in Montreal... with a girl from Nova Scotia. The One With Phoebe's Uterus Frank Jr. and Alice have eloped, and they ask Phoebe to be a surrogate mother for them; Phoebe asks advice of her birth mother, who gives her a puppy for only three days so she'll know what it's like to give up something you love. Ross gets Joey a job as a Tour Guide at the museum; Joey is hurt when Ross won't sit next to him at lunch (the white coats don't sit with the blue blazers); this prompts Ross to stand up and make some changes in the cafeteria, but it works a little too well. Chandler is nervous about being intimate with Kathy since she used to be Joey's girlfriend; feeling his performance is only adequate, he asks advice from Monica and Rachel; Kathy is very grateful. The One With The Embryos The guys' chicken is becoming a rooster. Phoebe undergoes the procedure to implant embryos in her uterus; the pressure is high as Frank Jr. and Alice can only afford the procedure once. Monica and Rachel bet that they know Chandler and Joey better than Chandler and Joey know them; Ross writes the questions (game show style) and eventually the stakes are raised: If the girls win, the chick and the duck have to go. If the guys win, they get the girls' apartment. The One With Rachel's Crush When Chandler finds out Kathy's new play involves a steamy scene with her co-star, he's worried where it might lead; Joey tells him not to worry--as long as there's chemistry on-stage, there isn't anything happening off-stage; This helps... until Chandler sees the play again later and finds the performance isn't as good; Chandler accuses Kathy of sleeping with her leading man; they fight and part on unfavorable terms; by the time Chandler goes to apologize and make up, it's too late. Monica tells Joey that the guys have to be the hosts since they have the big apartment; but she can't stand it, and tries to win everyone over to her place by doing lots of cooking and re-decorating. Rachel's department at work is eliminated, so she has to become a Personal Shopper; she plans to quit until a handsome, well-to-do young man needs her services; she wants to ask him on a date, but doesn't know how -she's never had to ask anyone out before. The One With Joey's Dirty Day Joey goes fishing and comes back smelly... and doesn't get a chance to shower before he goes to work on a new movie with Charlton Heston; he gets caught cleaning up in the only shower on the set--in Mr. Heston's dressing room. Joshua invites Rachel to a club opening but she's already agreed to take her boss's niece (Emily) to the opera; Ross agrees to fill in for her with the niece, and they hit it off much better than first impressions would indicate; meanwhile, Rachel's date falls through when a rain storm smears her name off the club's guest list. Chandler continues recovering from his break-up with Kathy, but can't move on to phase two, because there's no one with which to go to a strip club... except Monica and Phoebe. The One With All The Rugby While getting his nails done, Chandler runs into Janice--newly divorced and not willing to let Chandler get away. Chandler invents a story about his company transferring him to Yemen. Although Janice believes him, he's not home free yet... she won't leave his side until he's on the plane and taking off. Monica obsesses about an electrical switch that apparently doesn't do anything; after tests, blueprints, and demolition work, she finally gives up. Ross meets some of Emily's friends and gets invited to play rugby; not wanting to lose face, he insists on playing. When they play too rough despite Emily's secret request that they go easy on him, she helps Ross inflict some pain, too, by giving him pointers on their vulnerabilities. The One With The Fake Party Phoebe, pregnant, has cravings for meat; Joey agrees to be a temporary vegetarian so she can eat meat without causing more animals to die. Rachel creates a fake party for Emily, which is really an excuse to spend time with Joshua outside of work; she makes a fool of herself trying to make him like her... she even puts on her old high-school cheerleader uniform. Ross is bummed that Emily will soon be returning home to England; Rachel convinces him that his relationship with Emily doesn't have to end. The One With The Free Porn Joey and Chandler unexpectedly receive an "adult" movie channel. Monica urges Ross to express his true feelings to Emily before she leaves the country, but things don't go as well as expected--it turns out there's another man. Ross goes to London to prove his love for Emily, but she returns to the states to tell him she's chosen him. Phoebe finds out she's carrying triplets; Frank, Jr. considers dropping out of refrigerator college to get a job; Phoebe tries to come up with ways to make money so he won't have to give up his "dream." The One With Rachel's New Dress Phoebe is asked to name one of the three babies she's carrying; this sparks some rivalry between Joey and Chandler, who each want the baby named after them. Susan is shooting a commercial in London so Emily offers to show her around; Ross worries that they might be having too much of a good time together... like when Carol started spending time with Susan. Rachel plans a big date with a special dinner, new lingerie and a nice dress; while eating dinner at her place, the chick and the duck upset Joshua, who has a phobia of farm birds; since his apartment is being remodeled and his parents are out of town, they go to his parents' house; unexpectedly, his parents return home while Rachel is wearing only a negligee; she tells them it's actually a new dress and ends up having to wear it while they all go out to dinner. The One With All The Haste The singing man, the bird smell, and the lack of space drive Rachel and Monica to new attempts to get their old apartment back; when they fail to bribe Chandler and Joey with season Knicks tickets, they try making another bet... and lose again, so they have neither the tickets nor the apartment. However, while Joey and Chandler are at a game, Rachel and Monica switch apartments anyway. Chandler objects but Monica and Rachel offer to kiss each other for a full minute if they can keep the apartment. Ross gets an ear-ring. Phoebe tries to knit. Ross hates the fact that Emily has to be gone so much, so he considers asking her to move in with him... but ends up asking her to marry him; she says yes. The gang is shocked to hear the news - especially Rachel. The One With All The Wedding Dresses Joey's snoring forces Chandler to insist he go to a sleep clinic; while accompanying Joey at the clinic, Chandler meets (and begins dating) Marjorie, who talks in her sleep. Ross tries to talk with Rachel about her feelings, but she just pretends she's fine. However, while feeling kind of desperate she tries to move way too fast with Joshua and ends up scaring him off. Monica picks up Emily's wedding dress for her, and finds she just can't resist wearing it... a lot. Phoebe and Rachel catch the spirit as well, and soon they're all wearing white. Ross and Emily set a wedding date just one month away. Rachel talks with Monica and Phoebe about her unresolved feelings for Ross. The One With The Invitation Flashbacks of Ross and Rachel's relationship punctuate this episode as Ross decides to send Rachel a wedding invitation and Rachel decides she won't be going. Joey and Chandler, feeling like they don't have much going on in their lives compared to their friends, try to make some big plans - like climbing Mount Everest or at least watching some videos. The Worst Best Man Ever Phoebe suffers from a small bladder, mood swings, kicking babies, false labor, and other pregnancy woes. Ross has to choose whether Joey or Chandler will be his best man; he chooses Joey, which seems okay until after the bachelor party when the wedding ring is missing. Believing the stripper (whom Joey slept with) took it, they mistakenly confront her; however, it turns out it was taken by a different bird. Monica and Rachel plan a baby shower for Phoebe, but decide not to give her baby-stuff because she won't be keeping the babies; unfortunately, this plan doesn't go over very well. The One With Ross's Wedding Part 1 Ross, Monica, Joey, and Chandler leave for London; Phoebe's pregancy prohibits travel and Rachel stays to take care of her... and to avoid the emotional strain of watching Ross get married. Joey and Chandler go sight-seeing, but Joey's tourist behavior embarrasses Chandler and they split up for the day; Chandler has a lousy time, but Joey has a great day... including a visit with the Duchess of York. Emily stresses about the wedding arrangements, and everything is on the verge of collapsing when the demolition work starts on the building where they were to wed. Monica suggests they postpone the wedding (an idea which leads to more problems). Rachel realizes she's still in love with Ross, and tries to console herself by shopping; Phoebe also tries to help her get over Ross. When all this fails, Rachel decides to leave right away for London to tell Ross how she feels. The One With Ross's Wedding Part 2 Phoebe fights phone friction while trying to warn Joey and Chandler that Rachel is on her way to ruin the wedding. Joey gets homesick... until he finds a cute bridesmaid (Felicity) who wants to know him better. The Gellers meet the Walthams; Jack Geller has agreed to pay for half of the wedding... until he finds out Mr. Waltham is counting his house remodeling as a wedding expense. Rachel tries and tries again to get on a flight to London; she gets underway but annoys the other passengers. Chandler and Monica have a difficult time at the rehearsal dinner; they console each other, and end up sleeping together. The next day, Joey, Chandler, and Monica watch for Rachel before the wedding; she slips in while Joey makes out with Felicity, but decides not to tell Ross how she feels. During the wedding ceremony, Ross accidentally speaks Rachel's name instead of Emily's, halting the proceedings.
Format: DVD

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