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Chemistry Jobs

More interested in wearing a lab coat than a suit? Discover our current range of exciting chemistry jobs.

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Chemistry Jobs

One of the best places to look for chemistry jobs in Aotearoa New Zealand is within our country’s expansive research sector. We’re home to a range of renowned research institutions and universities that actively engage in groundbreaking research across various branches of chemistry. Whether you're interested in analytical, organic, inorganic, or physical chemistry, you can pursue a career as a research scientist, conducting experiments and contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Moreover, Aotearoa New Zealand actively supports innovation through organisations like Callaghan Innovation, which fosters collaboration between businesses and researchers. This opens doors for chemists to work on innovative projects in partnership with industries, potentially leading to the development of new products and technologies.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are also thriving in Aotearoa New Zealand, offering opportunities for chemists in drug discovery, formulation, quality control, and regulatory affairs. The country has a growing biotech sector, and companies often seek professionals with expertise in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology to contribute to cutting-edge research and product development.

Environmental conservation is a significant focus in New Zealand, and chemistry professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding the country's natural beauty. Environmental chemists work on monitoring and mitigating pollution, assessing water quality, and developing sustainable practices. Additionally, New Zealand's commitment to sustainability provides opportunities in green chemistry, where professionals focus on developing environmentally friendly processes and materials.

Quality control and assurance roles are abundant in the food and beverage industry, which is a cornerstone of New Zealand's economy. Chemists are instrumental in ensuring the safety and quality of products by conducting tests, inspections, and analyses. This sector also offers prospects for specialisation, such as flavour chemistry or food safety.

New Zealand's unique geological landscape makes it a hub for the geothermal and energy sectors. Chemistry professionals are in demand to analyse and optimise geothermal power sources, develop renewable energy solutions, and ensure the responsible use of natural resources. These roles often require expertise in thermodynamics, geochemistry, and materials science.

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