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Lincoln University Jobs

Looking to work at a tertiary institution renowned for world-leading research and sustainability? Jobs at Lincoln University offer this and so much more.

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Lincoln University Jobs

For those passionate about education and research, teaching and academic positions at Lincoln University jobs could be the perfect fit for you. As a lecturer or professor, you'll have the opportunity to impart knowledge, conduct research, and mentor the next generation of scholars. Whether you specialise in agriculture, environmental science, business, or any other field, Lincoln University provides a platform for you to make a significant impact on the academic landscape. The university also values expertise in agricultural and environmental fields. With its strong focus on land-based studies, Lincoln offers job opportunities for professionals in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and environmental management.

Beyond teaching and research, Lincoln University offers various roles in administration and support services. From human resources to finance, marketing, and IT, these roles are crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of the university. As an administrative staff member, you'll play a pivotal role in supporting the academic community and contributing to the overall success of the institution. If you have a passion for helping students thrive, consider exploring roles in student counselling, career services, or student engagement. These roles allow you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and contribute to their overall well-being and success.

As a university with a vibrant campus life, Lincoln also offers job opportunities in hospitality and event management. Whether it's managing campus events, working in student accommodation, or providing catering services, these roles contribute to creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

For individuals with expertise in sports and recreation, Lincoln University's sports facilities and programs provide avenues for job opportunities in coaching, fitness instruction, and sports management. These roles enable you to support students' physical well-being and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle on campus.

Another avenue to explore is research and development roles. Lincoln University is renowned for its research in land-based studies and agricultural sciences. Working as a research officer or scientist allows you to contribute to cutting-edge research projects and make discoveries that benefit society and the environment.

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