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Weekend Jobs

There are heaps of options when it comes to weekend jobs in Aotearoa New Zealand. Check out the weekend friendly vacancies currency available below.

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Weekend Jobs

Looking for weekend jobs can be driven by various reasons, such as wanting to earn extra money while studying, starting a side hustle, or enhancing one's skills for career growth. Fortunately, Aotearoa New Zealand offers plenty of weekend job opportunities for those seeking part-time weekend-based work. Let's explore a few examples of such jobs.

One less conventional option is becoming a fitness instructor. With the country's passion for sports and fitness, many gyms and fitness centres hold classes on weekends, providing an opportunity to earn money while staying active.

Another flexible option is working as a rideshare or food delivery driver for companies like Uber, Ola, or DoorDash. This job allows individuals to choose their working hours and locations, making it ideal for those who prefer weekend work or want to maximise earnings during peak demand, such as during sports events or concerts.

The hospitality industry, including restaurants and bars, often seeks weekend staff, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, when business is at its peak. For individuals who prefer mornings, cafe shifts during weekend coffee and brunch rushes could be a better fit.

Babysitting and pet sitting are also common weekend jobs. Responsible teenagers often find babysitting opportunities within their local communities, while pet sitting offers a less stressful and more enjoyable alternative for animal lovers.

Events staff are in demand during weekends for various occasions like sports matches, concerts, and comedy gigs. This type of work not only provides income but also allows individuals to meet new people and sometimes enjoy the events themselves.

Wedding photography is a sought-after weekend job, as Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings. Building a network and positive word-of-mouth reviews can lead to repeat gigs and a steady stream of clients.

Cleaning companies often hire staff to clean businesses' premises during weekends when employees are away. This job involves visiting different clients' offices and catering to their specific cleaning needs.

During colder months, museums and galleries see increased footfall on weekends, leading to a demand for staff to offer guided tours, work in gift shops, or host exhibitions or shows.

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