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FUNDRAISING AUCTION: Support the Association for Women in the Sciences (AWIS) - Women in STEM Award! This world-first, 3D printed, full colour anatomical model truly represents both science and art. A unique piece created using cutting-edge 3D-printing technology!

Professor Olaf Diegel and his team at the Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab ( have created highly accurate models, made from combinations of clear and coloured material, with every bone, organ and vein visible. It stands 30cm high and includes a custom-made display box.

This anatomical model won the Engineering NZ 2021 ENVI Award for Engineering Creativity (sponsored by HEB), costs over $1,000 in materials and post-processing time, and you could be the proud owner of one of the first that are publicly available!

This auction is being run alongside the AUT Women in STEM Film Festival, and all proceeds from the sale will go towards the AWIS Women in STEM Award, administered by New Horizons for Women Trust (



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Questions & Answers (25)

  • so cool coxychch (106)06:33 pm, Thu, 23 Jun Yes, it really is! awisnz (4) • Thursday, 23 June 2022
  • What's the size, please? lucaslu (11)08:00 pm, Thu, 23 Jun 30cm tall, approx. 15cm across the width from hand to hand awisnz (4) • Thursday, 23 June 2022
  • Awesome job! kat5284 (61)06:32 am, Fri, 24 Jun A LOT of work has been done to get to this! awisnz (4) • Friday, 24 June 2022
  • Woah this is awesome! stangalang (212)09:04 am, Fri, 24 Jun It really is! awisnz (4) • Friday, 24 June 2022
  • Thats awesome. Would love to have that in my office. 1medic (485)04:01 pm, Fri, 24 Jun Win the auction and you can :-) awisnz (4) • Friday, 24 June 2022
  • Very cool auction and a great cause, I must say it looks like something out of my nightmares tai_rimmer1 (7)07:51 pm, Fri, 24 Jun You could always bid on the 3D printing voucher and design yourself something warm and fuzzy to get printed instead :-) awisnz (4) • Friday, 24 June 2022
  • Every teacher should have one. shame I am retired. Contact science hub in Tauranga as the may be interested schmuk1 (27)08:34 pm, Fri, 24 Jun Thanks - it is a great visual learning tool! awisnz (4) • Friday, 24 June 2022
  • What material is this 3D printed with? Is it one piece or have several parts been put together for this model? It looks absolutely amazing. qinglang053 (230)06:26 pm, Sat, 25 Jun I'll double-check on the material but I believe it is acrylic, and it is one piece printed in full colour! awisnz (4) • Saturday, 25 June 2022
  • Amazing, I think I will become a surgeon now, Could do with a lot more here gowgirl (141)10:32 pm, Sun, 26 Jun Yes, it was designed to help with surgical training in the medical community awisnz (4) • Sunday, 26 June 2022
  • A note from the lab: This model is printed as one piece. It is made from photocurable resin (liquid plastic) in a 3D printing process similar to normal CYMK paper printing. Much like a standard printer, the machine will selectively drop the different colours exactly where it needs to, after this a UV light will quickly pass over the droplets to solidifying them in place. This happens thousands of times slowly building up the complex multi-coloured structures you see in the model! Seller comment Monday, 27 June 2022
  • If anatomy doesn't float your boat, bid on our 3D printing voucher auction instead, and get a model of your own design! Seller comment Monday, 27 June 2022
  • Is it officially licenced Barbie? sean022 (59)03:56 pm, Tue, 28 Jun No, the lab team affectionately termed their models "Barbie" and "Ken", and designed their custom boxes accordingly :-) awisnz (4) • Tuesday, 28 June 2022
  • Awesome piece...but where is ken? :)) qt007 (271)08:29 am, Thu, 30 Jun We chose 'Barbie' because we are promoting 'women in science' - maybe next fundraiser the lab can donate their 'Ken'... awisnz (4) • Thursday, 30 June 2022
  • Beautiful piece. Who was the model for this? turkeyburger (205)12:51 pm, Thu, 30 Jun I'll ask the lab team :-) awisnz (4) • Thursday, 30 June 2022
  • Eyeballs are missing though! turkeyburger (205)12:54 pm, Thu, 30 Jun Good point, maybe they can work on that for version 2.0... awisnz (4) • Thursday, 30 June 2022
  • Its beautiful !Sorry wouldn't support any Barbie ever {kindly suggest do some home work on the latest barbie } fork2 (296)06:54 pm, Fri, 1 Jul Fair enough - you could always win the $500 printing voucher auction and print a new box cover with any name you like :-) awisnz (4) • Friday, 1 July 2022
  • ? jinksta123 (5)12:45 am, Sat, 2 Jul ... awisnz (4) • Saturday, 2 July 2022
  • wow. cindy.q. (146)10:00 am, Sat, 2 Jul :-) awisnz (4) • Saturday, 2 July 2022
  • I think adding eyeballs would have made it look creepy? cenobite666 (23)07:07 pm, Sat, 2 Jul Hmmm, also a fair point... awisnz (4) • Saturday, 2 July 2022
  • Hi! Is this in collab with Mattel? saintstrading (216)09:36 am, Sun, 3 Jul No, this is just the CDAM lab getting creative during lock-downs, and collaborating with colleagues in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, UoA to find innovative ways of teaching. The naming of 'Barbie' is purely tongue-in-cheek! awisnz (4) • Sunday, 3 July 2022
  • Tongue in cheek indeed! Mattel might cancel UoA for copyright breach. Is there a transBarbie/Ken edition or do you supply a DIY kit for these mods? groomerzqn (147)03:04 pm, Mon, 4 Jul I expect the lab is aware of this. You raise an interesting idea re the DIY kits - not sure you'd get this level of printing from anything other than their extremely expensive 3D printer, but you are welcome to get in touch with them and ask - awisnz (4) • Monday, 4 July 2022
  • Reply from the lab: We did not have a model for the piece, it was created in 3D modelling/sculpting software. Seller comment Tuesday, 5 July 2022
  • how much for another one and can it be made larger? kiwitrader43 (293)06:16 pm, Wed, 6 Jul The lab has printed a larger version, so it is possible, but I would not like to guess the cost of that! The models are not commercially available, but feel free to contact the lab team (details at if you have an idea or purpose in mind :) awisnz (4) • Wednesday, 6 July 2022
  • Oh wow! It went above my limit, but best wishes on the auction! nzcddvdshop (2589)10:02 pm, Wed, 6 Jul Thanks! awisnz (4) • Wednesday, 6 July 2022
  • How many models have been made of this one please? anicca (1043)02:15 pm, Thu, 7 Jul The lab has printed a few iterations of the models as they tried to perfect the design. The best ones have been donated to the Faculty of Medical Health Sciences at UOA for teaching use. awisnz (4) • Thursday, 7 July 2022

3D Printed Anatomical Model

Closed: Thu 7th Jul, 8:03pm

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3D Printed Anatomical Model

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