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A practical 5.99 m long self contained, NZ new camper, that hasn't even done 10,000 km yet.

It's got a powerful and economical 2.3L, 150 hp Euro 6 motor, with the usual Doo Dahs like cruise control, central locking, trip computer, etc.

The roof lifts up on gas struts to reveal a whole 'nother double bed accessed by the internal staircase. ( A ladder, but that doesn't sound as good )

It's got an electric entry step, two swivel seats with a bench seat on the other side of the extension table.
A big solar panel.

The kitchen has a 90 L electric fridge freezer and 2 burner cook-top and a workable sink-bench.

A great shower toilet combination bathroom has a hand-basin that folds up against the wall so you have enough room to scratch your back while showering. With a heater vent in the room, it can double as a drying room too.

Water comes from a 100L fresh water tank and empties into a 100L grey tank.

Air and water heating is by gas, 2 x 9 kg bottles.

Windows are all insulating and have fly-screens and blackout blinds.

The bed at the back can fold up to walk through or carry more gear, bikes, boats, whatever? Possibly even tradies tools during the week. Make your motorhome a travelling tax break. Winnie would support that !?

Also at the back ready for the picnic are two chairs and a folding table, nestled in its' own special place.

RUC will have minimum 1000 km WOF expires 3/20 EWOF expires 3/21

People always seem to ask if the wagon has got a tow bar. If I said this one doesn't, I would deprive someone of the joy they would get from asking that Q. So I'm not telling.

I will however tell you: we're selling so we can buy a more specialler one to use, maybe overseas somewhere warmer.

Roll on with the Q's on Trade Me or by phone as on the listing.

Questions & Answers (21)

  • Could we come have a look tomorrowkayteewonder(61)09:05 pm, Fri, 29 NovHi Chris, Of course you can, probably. Give us a call when you've got a time to come to Omokoroa. Cheers Normnojoke1(93)• Friday, 29 November 2019
  • Seller added 1 photoSeller comment Friday, 29 November 2019
  • What’s the height and width of this camper pleasegubbins2(31)09:13 pm, Fri, 29 NovHi Sue, How doing you are? I just googled this and....Height 2.55m wideness 2.08m Do you think it will fit in your shed? Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Friday, 29 November 2019
  • Is fridge gas and electric?allans2(193)04:51 am, Sat, 30 NovGood morning. You're an early starter. The fridge is 12 volt, powered by the solar cell. Might not work so well during an Invercargill winter. But I s'pose in winter you don't need a fridge? Cheer, Normnojoke1(93)• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • Hi, automatic or Manuel?jacks85(113)05:02 am, Sat, 30 NovWow! You pose a problem! I don't whether to call you Jack, or Little, or maybe even Peter. So.... To whom it may concern. This vehicle is fitted with what I think the manufacturers call DuaLogic Transmission. It's a nifty, slightly techno-whizzy thing that uses an onboard computer to combine the features of an auto and a manual gearbox. It effectively helps to improve performance and fuel savings. Just when you start to think that I'm clever, you have to thank Dr. Google for this. cheer, Norm.nojoke1(93)• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • Hi, does it have a tow-bar? ;-)maranatha1(2785)06:22 am, Sat, 30 NovHi David. Heh heh. Somehow it seems appropriate that a Barrier Islander asks that Q. My first thought is to decline to answer, but that would be rude. So.... YES it does have a tow barr. Thank you for the Q! I hope most people understand just what happened here :) Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • How many seat belts please? Thankscorinnesul(4)06:51 am, Sat, 30 NovHi Corinne, It's so easy to leave out the very important things. This has four seatbelts four berth and self contained for four. Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • Hello Norm. Some things we are used to seem not there. Tv. tv aerial, radio (prob in cab). separate 12v deep cycle battery, water level indicator. Some others but these are a start. p.s. I am a buyer and am not nit picking. Peterjazz01(272)09:57 am, Sat, 30 NovHi Peter. Good news and bad news. Some things you are used to are not there! There is no TV. No TV Aerial. It may be wired for TV. It does have a Kenwood sound system in the cab. And a separate house battery. And a level indicator for fresh and grey tanks, also charge indicator for the house and the start batteries. If you're still Tauranga based, it's not too far to have a look maybe. Just give us a call. The number's on the listing. Cheers Normnojoke1(93)• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • What guarantee is on the vehicle. Peterjazz01(272)09:58 am, Sat, 30 NovHi Peter. The invitation to come to visit is still open :) I'm not aware of any warranty or guarantee that applies to this vehicle. I'm sure that if that sort of thing is important for you, you can purchase it. It probably costs more than a TV would though. Cheers, Norm.nojoke1(93)• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • Trade a red camper?rgflav(252)07:49 am, Sun, 1 DecHi Rangi. I find red campers particularly attractive. My phone no is on the listing. Cheers, Norm.nojoke1(93)• Sunday, 1 December 2019
  • Hi Norm Here’s a question for you, do you know if a roof rack can be fitted to elevating roof or is that where solar panel is? I like to paddle board around Omokoroa and it may not fit inside, Thanks Adamsimons110(25)07:37 pm, Tue, 3 DecHi Adam. Take your board to Omokoroa and have a paddle! On your way stop off and have a look!. See if it fits inside! I'm sure you could put a rack on top, tho' some people put a bracket on the side to keep it easy. Our ph. no. is on the listing. Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Tuesday, 3 December 2019
  • Hi, size of beds please? tall family. Thankstina425(39)08:27 am, Wed, 4 DecHi Chris ( tina?). Tall is good for basketballers, but can be tricky for smallish campers. The top bed is 2.01 x 1.31 and the bottom bed is 1.92 x 1.4 Cheers Normnojoke1(93)• Wednesday, 4 December 2019
  • Hi, on the left hand side up the top is their paint peel? Do you have the hub cap that is missing on one wheel? Is it possible to see a photo of the shower and it’s setup.? Thanks.cheerz(245)09:01 pm, Fri, 6 DecHi Nick, Your memory is good. I can only assume that you have seen something on one of the photos. Rest easy. The paint is great all over. One wheel trim is missing. Sorry I didn't point it out when you were here looking. I guess I got used to it not being there. We see different things, so could you please help me out and explain what you would like to see of the shower that you can't already? Possibly a call? Thanks in advance. Cheers Norm.nojoke1(93)• Friday, 6 December 2019
  • Did the vehicle ever have an accident?josef3(79)04:02 pm, Sat, 7 DecHi Wolfgang, An Accident?? Did you have a specific type of accident in mind? My wife spilled her coffee one morning, on the floor thank heavens. Apart from that, no. I do not ,can not,and will not accept that the coconut falling off my lamington can be counted, even though it made a mess, on the floor, thank heavens. Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Saturday, 7 December 2019
  • Hi Norm interested in part trade for Hymer 2003 caravan. Bought it from importer in Tauranga five years ago while building house.sipbackpackers(107)06:18 am, Sun, 8 DecHi Leanne, Backpacker owners are way too busy for motorhomes!? You can t xt the number on my listing then I'll send my mail address for you to forward more info. Deal? Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Sunday, 8 December 2019
  • Hi Norm Can I look at again this afternoon with the bosssimons110(25)08:09 am, Sun, 8 DecDone by phone :)nojoke1(93)• Sunday, 8 December 2019
  • Hi Norm, what is the toilet holding capacity on this please or is it a cassette type? Regards Johnsonsmartfile(60)02:49 pm, Sun, 8 DecGood evening Team. It is indeed a cassette type, With a ventilation fan!! Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Sunday, 8 December 2019
  • Whoa $113. Well done Normcherryrob(561)06:30 am, Mon, 9 DecHi Rob. Thank you, pretty good going. Real congratulations to the buyer though! I had a couple of guys who were going higher, but the bidding was so hot it had closed before they even started. If you don't bid you don't get. Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Monday, 9 December 2019
  • Omg Norm I love your answers! That’s all. No question. Wicked camper though!mialloyd(80)07:05 am, Mon, 9 DecHi Mia. Thanks for the comment. If you loved the answers, you'd've loved the camper more. Speaking of which:-- Wait, there's more! . Under other listings I,ve an even coolerer Hymer van camper, closing tomorrow. See you there. Cheers, Normnojoke1(93)• Monday, 9 December 2019
  • Could only see the one I have commented on and I LOVE it! Need a bit more cash in the bank before I can be anything more than a tyre kicker here though 😬👍mialloyd(80)09:07 am, Mon, 9 Dec.nojoke1(93)• Monday, 9 December 2019
  • Hi Norm was this one a factory right hand drive or converted? Just wander as the sliding door is on the opposite side to usual? Thanks, Johnsonsmartfile(60)04:57 pm, Tue, 10 DecHi Johnson. Some of the Europeans think they've got it right, which in their case, is left. But they're not right they're wrong. So we end up here with a sliding door right out of the factory on the same side as the steering wheel. If you move the door you need to completely mirror image the floor plan. There's simply not enough RHDs around. Good luck. Let the battle begin!! Cheers, Norm.nojoke1(93)• Tuesday, 10 December 2019

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