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Get a free car valuation

Find out how much a car is worth with our free valuation tool. As New Zealand’s largest car market, we’ll help you sell your car with confidence, knowing that you are getting a great price.

Why get a car valuation?

Attract more buyers

Setting the right price that’s competitive and shows you’re a serious seller is key to drawing in the most potential buyers.

Easier negotiations

Feel confident that you know what a fair price range is for your car and make negotiating faster and easier.

Get it listed quickly

Save time researching sale prices, and get your car listed - and sold, faster.

What could impact the value of a car?

There are a number of factors that can positively and negatively impact your car’s value. We’ve outlined some of these below to help guide you on where your car's value is likely to fall in the range

What can increase your car's value

  • Excellent condition

    The better condition your car is in the more it may be worth. If your car has zero cosmetic damage and a tidy interior it will likely lean towards a higher price point.
  • Great service history

    Usually, buyers want to buy a well-maintained car that has a complete service record and not too many previous owners. Being able to prove your service history can go a long way when it comes to price.
  • Extra features

    Everyone likes something a little extra. If your car is loaded with optional extras then assume you may get a little more for it. When selling note anything like roof racks, rear-facing camera, new sound system or other media modifications.
  • Popular colour

    When it comes to appearance some colours can be worth more than others. Having a sporty red or jet black car could pull in a few extra dollars when selling.

What can decrease your car's value

  • Poor condition

    The older a car the more wear and tear you may find. Usually, small stains or scratches on the paint will leave you a few dollars lower than if your car was in excellent condition. However, anything more than common wear and tear and you’ll be looking at a lower price point.
  • Unknown service history

    The valuation given will assume that your car has been well taken care of. If you haven’t had your car serviced or can’t prove you have done this then the value of your car could be lower then estimated.
  • Known issues or repairs required

    Cambelt needs replacing or a window won’t roll down? Issues like these could bring down the value of your car. Always be upfront about problems like these when selling.
  • Many previous owners

    If your car has been through a lot of hands, this could impact the value of your car. Most buyers want to know about past owners and have a good understanding of how they treated the vehicle.
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