Trade Me in the community

We’re involved in sponsorship and philanthropy as a good Kiwi company. We want our members to feel good about being part of our community, and we want the wider public to feel good about doing business with us as a company that helps out with worthy causes.

We’ve often supported things that are family-orientated and familiar to Kiwis – events and organisations that align with our company values. Trade Me doesn’t have the staff numbers to participate in sponsorships that require a massive investment of resources, so we look for sponsorships which are practical to manage and take advantage of the strengths of our platform.

We have also been involved in some special one-off projects. For example, in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, our team pulled together to build a community support site for Cantabrians and those looking to help them out with offers of accommodation, transport, manpower or items.  And in June 2011, our tech team built the Landcheck website for the NZ Government and Christchurch property owners pro bono and in just four days.

Charities & fundraising

On the charities and good causes front, we field up to 50 queries a week from around the country, and since 2011 we’ve had a full-time charities co-ordinator. Just about every time, there is something we can do to help out.

For larger organisations and campaigns our support may extend to publicity, pro bono advertising and/or social media promotion. For smaller campaigns, an acknowledgement that the organisation is doing something worthwhile by refunding a few success fees is always appreciated. 

Key relationships

One Percent Collective

We're stoked to be working with the team at One Percent Collective, who take the hassle out of regular giving. They exist to inspire Kiwis to donate 1% of their income to causes they care about. You choose your amount, your frequency, which of their partner charities you’d like your donation split between and 100% of your generous donations then go to your chosen charities.

It’s all about getting the money to the charities and letting them get on with helping the community, then you can sit back and enjoy the events and stories that make the Collective a rewarding thing to be part of.

Their current partner charities are Sustainable Coastlines, Take My Hands, The Neonatal Trust, Kaibosh, Inspiring Stories, Bellyful, SpinningTop, UpsideDowns, Nga Rangatahi Toa, DCM, and Garden To Table

They do their charitable work in an innovative way, they're different, and we like it. They're genuine, inspirational, great to work with, and every cent raised makes it to their partner charities. 


We have a longstanding relationship with Plunket which has been in place since 2005. Plunket is a charitable organisation that relies on donations to provide much needed support services to parents & families so that every child can get the best start in life. When placing a listing on Trade Me, sellers can choose to round their success fee up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to Plunket. Participating auctions display the Plunket logo.

Kiwis for kiwi

Actual feathered kiwis are an obvious alignment and we have worked with the Kiwi Recovery Programme, Forest & Bird, and now Kiwis for kiwi. This is a national charity raising funds and awareness to support kiwi conservation projects across New Zealand. It carries on more than two decades of work by BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust helping protect kiwi and the places they live. When placing a listing on Trade Me, sellers can choose to round their success fee up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to Kiwis for kiwi. Participating auctions display the Kiwis for kiwi logo.

We also have great relationships with KidsCan (we helped out with their high profile More Day fundraiser which raised $142,000 in August 2013) and the Starship Foundation (we run the month-long Starship Spring Clean fundraiser in September via a bespoke donation platform).

We also support the The Radio Network’s Special Kids’ Christmas Party with a donation and volunteer bodies.

More information

For more information about what we do for charities, please have a look at the Charities & fundraising  information in the Help pages. 


For our larger sponsorships, we favour a long-term approach rather than a short-term one. For these, we prefer to get alongside an organisation and build a relationship with many threads over many years, rather than one-offs. We also have a bias towards things where the overall equation is better than us just writing a cheque.

Our various businesses also get involved in sponsorship where it makes sense. For example, Trade Me Jobs might sponsor an employment-related event or Trade Me Motors might get involved with supporting a car race.

Things we sponsor

Our most high profile sponsorship is with Wellington Zoo. Trade Me’s relationship with the zoo includes sponsoring The Twilight, the nocturnal area where the kiwis live. We also help out with auctions for unique experiences, staff and team visits to the Zoo and promoting the Zoo’s various attractions and exhibits.

Other things we’ve sponsored, past and present, include:

Sponsorship criteria

We have a set of criteria to guide our response to our larger sponsorship proposals. We use these to assess the fit of any given approach, but also to provide the sponsorship-seeker with a steer around what we are looking for. These are as follows:

  • - Opportunity synchs with Trade Me’s values
  • - Aligns with demographics and mindset of the Trade Me community
  • - Chance to drive activity onsite via listings, views or buzz
  • - Ability to leverage across multiple areas of Trade Me long-term
  • - A bit of magic and wonder
  • - Quintessentially Kiwi
  • - An opportunity for staff involvement and engagement (especially in Wellington where the majority of our staff are based)
  • - Clout: do you have your own network for promotion and potential for growth
  • - Are you easy to deal with?


Approaching us for sponsorship

If you’re seeking sponsorship, we ask that you provide us with a one-page summary of what you’re seeking sponsorship for, and how you think we can help. This should also set out how your sponsorship property shapes up based on the things we look for in the criteria set out above.

Once you’ve pulled this information together, please email it through to us at – feel free to include any other supporting information or documents