Using audience data to power creative and increase conversion

The challenge

With large targets becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to reach and tracking results from vanilla creative proving troublesome, Life Direct needed to establish why people bought insurance.

With the objective of increasing sessions to the site by 50% YOY and increasing Life Direct quotes by 10% YOY, we were able to use an engaged audience to drive action/conversion by leveraging the Trade Me data personas across the Trade Me network.

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Testing and prospecting

We reviewed personas that were indexing higher than others and made recommendations. By working collaboratively with Life Direct and agencies MBM and EightyOne, we confirmed which personas should shape creative to test. Creative was developed with targeted offers and messaging.

Prospecting and re-marketing

After the first month we reviewed results and confirmed which personas to continue with, and added remarketing messaging across personas on both Trade Me and external sites. 45 banners were then created relating to the stage in the cycle people dropped off the site, to try and mitigate this happening. Initial findings included an audience interest in property, DIY and suggested they were family focused because of the items they were buying or selling.


We saw an uplift in post-click conversion rates when we started using specific/persona-lead messaging. Sessions increased over 50% YOY and quote conversion improved well over 10%.

Why it was so successful

The Ads team worked together to achieve the same goal with an agreed brief with Life Direct, MBM and EightyOne, end to end and testing allowed to validate the new approach.

How we helped Flight Centre’s enquiries increase by 68%

In the two weeks leading up to Christmas, Flight Centre challenged their digital advertising agency, FCB New Zealand, with a seemingly impossible task to increase travel enquiries by 20% and bookings by 10%. The answer came with our extensive collection of first-party search data.

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Data Is A Daiquiri

In the late nineteenth century American mining engineer Jennings Cox found himself in Cuba in a bit of a fix. He’d run out of gin and tonic, and guests were on their way. What he did have was some potent local rum. Which he thought he might get away serving if blended with lime juice, crushed ice and sugar. This creative innovation gave birth to the Daiquiri.

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