Fixed price offers

After the auction closes, the seller can offer the item to any bidder or trader who has added the auction to their Watchlist. If the item sold but the winning bidder did not complete the sale, the seller can then offer the item whether the auction met the reserve or not.

Sometimes a seller may have more than one item the same. Instead of auctioning the second item, they are able to offer it at a fixed price.

All conditions that were stated in the auction remain the same e.g. description, shipping details etc. You cannot ask questions at this stage.

If the seller offers you an item at a fixed price you will be notified by email. You can make your decision by clicking the link in the email or by accessing the offer through the auction page.

If you have been bidding on an auction, or have added it to your Watchlist, and it closes without meeting reserve you can ask the seller to offer it at a fixed price by clicking the 'Request a relist or offer' link on the auction page.

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