Reporting inappropriate listings

You can report suspicious listings or sellers who are breaching our terms and conditions by clicking the Community Watch link at the bottom of every listing.

Problems may include:
  • bidding on their own auctions, we call this "shill bidding"
  • contact details on their auctions
  • trying to complete the deal outside the auction process
  • the seller withdrew your bid without good reason
  • Seller not located in NZ or Australia
  • listing items in the wrong category
  • the listing is suspicious
  • the listing breaches copyright or is for fake or pirated goods
  • the item is on Trade Me's banned or restricted list
We will review each and every listing that is reported and take action if appropriate. Auctions are not removed automatically.

If you have reported the listing and it is removed, you will be sent an email. If the listing is not removed, you won't be notified.

If you are the copyright / intellectual property right holder, then identify yourself as such when making the complaint and provide your contact details. You will then be contacted directly by a Liaison Officer.

Want further assistance?

  • Call us on 0900 87233 Available between 6am and midnight, 7 days a week Calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute.
  • Email us your questionWe aim to respond within 3-5 days.