Choosing the right vehicle

What kind of car do you want?
Before you start, it pays to decide the type of car you are looking for. Some things to consider:

  • Price range
  • Engine size
  • Age
  • Automatic or manual transmission
  • Two door/four door

You can search on any of these criteria on Trade Me Motors to get a feel for what's available, both privately and through dealers. Insurance costs can vary hugely between cars, getting a quote might help you reach your decision.

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Safe & Reliable Cars
Not all cars are equal when it comes to safety and reliability. Some cars have been designed to provide a "cradle of life" in case of accident. Likewise others have been plagued by recalls since they were new.

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What's a fair price?
You can use the advanced search in Trade Me Motors to give you insight into the private and dealer prices for the car you are seeking. But you should remember that classified listings rarely sell for the asking price, so the real market price may be 5-10% less. Don't be afraid to haggle. You may also wish to get a market valuation to find out what the vehicle is worth, and a VIR to understand the history of the vehicle, and find out if there is money owing on it.

Is it biofuel compatible??
The AA has compiled a list of New Zealand cars that can use biofuel.

Want further assistance?

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