Multiple identical items

We've changed the way you sell multiple items on Trade Me. As part of this change, the ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ option replaces the ‘Multiple identical items’ function in the listing process.

For new multiple-quantity listings click 'Add a quantity to this listing' rather than 'Multiple identical items' on the sell page

When listing, choose 'Add a quantity to this listing' when you have one or more of the same item

Why is this happening and what do I need to do?

We have updated the ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ option to make listing multiple-quantity items easier, so the ‘Multiple identical items’ option will no longer be needed. Once your multiple identical items listings run out of stock, you will need to manually relist them via the new multiple-quantity listings using the ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ option.

What happens to my current listings that use ‘multiple identical items’?

Any MII listings you currently have live will not be affected, and will relist as normal until your stock runs out. You may wish to convert your listings to multiple-quantity listings - there are three different options.

What happens when these current listings close? How do I relist?

Listings that still have remaining stock will relist as normal until your stock runs out. You then have three options to convert your listings to multiple-quantity listings.

What about my back end ops?

There will be no change with regards to My Products. The new purchase reference numbers mean that your bank statement and account summary may look different though – something keep in mind with regards to your reconciliation process.

Can I send payment instructions to the buyer automatically?

When creating a listing you can choose for your payment instructions to be sent automatically when the auction is won. This saves you from having to send the email and enables the buyer to pay you sooner.

If you choose this option when your item sells by fixed price offer or Buy Now, your email will be available to the buyer immediately.

If you are using multiple-quantity listings (MQLs) with Pay Now as the only payment method, your payment instructions will be added to the automatic purchase confirmation email that is sent to the buyer.

For more information check out Multiple-quantity listings - FAQs and if you have any concerns please get in touch with us.

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