Finding a supplier

There are heaps of places to find supply to sell on Trade Me and this is completely dependent on what type of industry you are looking to sell in and what your scale is.

Suppliers come in all shapes and sizes from domestic manufacturers or import wholesalers to international giants such as Alibaba.

Finding the right supplier is really up to you. But here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Decide what industry you want to sell into. E.g. Sports. Try to start out as specific as possible. Some sellers have built good businesses being the best at selling within a very small niche.

  • Research that industry well. Who are you competing against? Can you compete on price and if not can you differentiate your business some way else? E.G. a better service level.

  • Find some suppliers and compare them, starting with a Google search. Make sure you research the reputations of your suppliers thoroughly and ordering samples to see and test yourself is a good idea.

  • If you are importing then there is a heap of potential complexity which comes with this which might incur other costs. Speaking to an accountant about this can be a good way to make sure you are aware of all the implications.

  • Start with a small order. Put them on Trade Me and test the market. Don’t go gangbusters straight off the bat! If things are selling well then try and keep up with demand!

One more idea is a trend emerging recently on Trade Me which is refurbishing. Clever sellers are purchasing old or unloved items on Trade Me, refurbishing them and listing them back on Trade Me with good photos and descriptions. This can lead to a tidy profit!

Finally, read our sourcing products help page and these tips before you part with any cash.

Good luck!

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