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Services payment advice

If you're hiring a service through our Services category, please read the tips below. 

We also encourage you to review the service provider (you can leave a comment and a thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating on their listing) once the job has been completed. The service provider has the right to post a response to any reviews on their listing.

Get a quote

While there's no legal requirement for a quote, we recommend you get one in advance. The quote should include the work that is to be done, the cost, and how long the job will take. Any significant changes to the work agreed on should be in writing and signed by both parties. 

Get a contract

As a buyer, you are within your rights to insist on a contract. It's a good idea to have a formal record of the agreement for high value services. The contract should give enough detail to be clear on the agreement. 

Paying a deposit

Paying a deposit makes the agreement legally binding. The amount can be negotiated and depends on what service is involved. Make sure you get a receipt with the amount paid, the date and the recipient, and be wary if the service provider asks for a 100% deposit in advance. 

Paying in instalments

This generally occurs where ongoing purchases of supplies are needed to finish the job, or it could be the most convenient payment method. Either way, make sure you get a receipt for each payment made. 

The final payment

This is typically paid once the service has been completed. If you're asked to pay the full price prior to this, you should seek legal advice. 

We also recommend you find out your rights under the Fair Trading Act.

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