Multiple-quantity listings - FAQs

Multiple-quantity listings (MQLs) are designed to give you an easier and smarter way to sell one or more of the same product on Trade Me. MQLs are created by clicking on ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ during the listing process. The MQL option will help you repeat-sell with ease by staying open for the whole listing duration, while up to 1,000 units are sold.

So why should you use MQLs?

  • Fixed duration listing. The listing stays live for up to seven days, upgradable to ten days, or until it runs out of stock.

  • One-off promotional fee. Any promotional fee (eg. Gallery) that you pay at the start, lasts the duration of the listing, regardless of how many items you sell.

  • Easier to promote. Your MQL gets a dedicated url for the period of the listing that you can promote and send buyers to.

  • Large stock count. Sell up to 1,000 units from the same listing, to different buyers.

  • Sold/unsold items show. When the listing ends, sold items show up in your ‘Sold items’ individually - featuring a purchase reference number. Any stock remaining shows in ‘Unsold items’.

  • For MQLs with Pay Now as one of the payment methods. Buying and paying is now a one-step process. Buyers are required to provide delivery details as part of the purchase process. As the seller you will receive a payment or purchase confirmation and the buyer's delivery details all in one email; resulting in a quicker, smoother sales process and the potential to increase your sales volume.


What are multiple-quantity listings?

Multiple-quantity listings (MQLs) are designed to give you an easier and smarter way to sell one or more of the same product on Trade Me.

For example, if you want to sell 100 rubber duckies, you can set up one simple multiple-quantity listing, setting the available stock as 100. That single, simple listing will be live for seven days – it won’t close once a unit sells.

How do multiple-quantity listings work?

Just hit ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ during the listing process for repeated sales off the same product listing. Check out the video above for easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

How do I create MQLs?

If you need help creating MQLs check out our guides:

> Creating multiple-quantity listings using My Products

> Creating multiple-quantity listings using the standard sell process

Why use MQLs?

Plenty of our members have a wide range of stock they repeatedly list. MQLs reduce hassle for relisting, and will also provide a better buying experience for members (particularly for repeat-purchases). It should encourage trading growth, and we plan to keep improving this type of listing for sellers and buyers.

How much does this cost? Will I pay more fees?

MQLs don’t cost anything extra at all. In fact, managing your promotional spend is easier and better value. For example, if you add Gallery to your MQL it covers the whole duration, for every unit sold. You will be paying the same success fee for every purchase made.

How will my Top Seller status be affected?

In terms of Top Seller qualification, each transaction in an MQL (whether you sell one item or many) counts as one ‘purchase’. Sell-through-rate calculation for MQLs is a maximum of 100%. If you sell five rubber duckies, from a single MQL, that’s calculated as 100% (not 500%). If you sell one rubber ducky from a single MQL, that’s 100% too. It doesn’t matter how many units of stock you have listed.

How will the free listing allowance fee calculation be affected?

There’s no change in the rules for free listing allowance (which is based on counting the concurrent listings you have live on Trade Me). Each MQL counts as (only) one listing in the free listing allowance calculation rule for sellers.

Can I still do fixed price offers?

Yes, you can still do fixed price offers (FPOs) when your listing closes. Just like a normal listing, the seller can only send one FPO and only one member can accept it (and it’s first come, first served). The seller sets the quantity available and sends it out to members. The member who accepts the FPO can choose the quantity they would like, provided it is equal to or less than the total quantity available as set by the seller.

It works for remaining stock, too – for example, if you had listed 100 rubber duckies and sold 50, you can run a FPO on the remaining 50.

How does each sale show on my account summary?

The reference or ID for a listing differs between an actual ‘listing’ and a ‘purchase'. This allows sellers to reconcile multiple-quantity sales. If they pay via internet banking, buyers will need to use the purchase reference number from their purchase in the internet banking reference box.

How do I specify the shipping charges? What options do I have?

With multiple-quantity listings you can set a total shipping charge per transaction, or you can set a shipping charge for each item in the transaction.

>Option 1: Charge shipping per order

Say you had 12 rubber duckies and a buyer purchases the whole lot, all at once. You might decide to charge $7.95 for the shipping, with no extra charge per ducky. Select “Charge shipping per order” during the listing process, as below.

>Option 2: Charge shipping per item

Alternatively, you could choose for each subsequent item to have a separate shipping charge, which is then added up. For example, you might decide to charge $1.95 per rubber ducky, to cover the costs of a bigger parcel if more rubber duckies are bought.

If you decided to do that, you would select “Charge shipping per item” during the listing process.

Can I send payment instructions to the buyer automatically?

Yes you can. When creating a listing you can choose for your payment instructions to be sent automatically when the item has sold. This saves you from having to send the email and enables the buyer to pay you sooner.

If you choose this option when your item sells by fixed price offer or Buy Now, your email will be available to the buyer immediately.

If you are using MQLs with Pay Now as one of the payment methods, your payment instructions can be added to the automatic purchase confirmation email that is sent to the buyer.

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