Gas Appliance Safety

Guidance for sellers of gas appliances

The Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 have been developed to ensure gas appliances sold to consumers are safe to use.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s Work Safety branch has stated:

“Eveyyone who manufactures, imports, supplies, retails and trades gas appliances or fittings in New Zealand must ensure their products comply with New Zealand’s established regulatory framework. This applies whether the appliances or fittings are imported or domestically produced.”

Read more about the gas appliance safety regime on the Energy Safety website.

Do you have a Supplier Declaration of Conformance?

The short version is that all gas appliances for sale must be safe. To show they are safe, gas appliances require a Supplier Declaration of Compliance (SDoC) before they can be sold. In order to sell your item on Trade Me, you must have this documentation and be prepared to supply it where required.

The importer or manufacturer of the gas appliance must also have registered the gas appliance on Energy Safety’s Gas Appliance Database.  If it is not in the database, it cannot be legally sold in New Zealand.

Who will check the documentation?

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s Work Safety team can ask for your documentation at any time. You must supply it within 10 days or you risk a $3,000 fine for a company, or a $1,000 fine if you are an individual.

Trade Me expects you to supply the documentation within 24 hours, if requested. Members who fail to supply the requested documentation to either Energy Safety or Trade Me risk a suspension or closure of their membership.

A reminder

Suppliers should be aware that appliances supplied by both electricity and gas will have obligations under both electricity and gas regulations. For instance, a gas water heater that needs an electrical supply is both a gas appliance and an electrical appliance.

Where can I get some more information?

For more information on gas items, visit the Energy Safety website and check out their guide to supplying safe electrical and gas products.

This guide is based on information from Energy Safety, and used with permission.

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