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Electrical Safety

Buying electrical items

Here are five questions to ask before you buy an electrical item online. The answers you receive will help you work out whether the item is potentially unsafe or unsuitable for use in New Zealand.

Is the item fitted with a New Zealand plug?

The plug should be moulded onto the supply cord. If it is not, do not buy the item. Likewise, if it is supplied with an adapter, do not buy the item. 

Is the voltage correct for New Zealand?

New Zealand domestic voltage is 230 volts and 50 Hertz. The item must be marked with this voltage as part of the manufacturer’s labelling.

Can the seller provide user instructions in English?

If not, do not buy the item.

Does the seller need to provide a Supplier Declaration of Conformity?

If you are buying a medium or high risk item, and the seller cannot provide you with the SDoC information, do not buy it.

Where is the seller located?

Not all “” websites are in New Zealand. Remember, you are not protected by New Zealand law if the website is located outside New Zealand.

Other information

If you think you’ve been sold an unsafe appliance, discuss your concerns with the seller. Remember, you have a range of consumer rights – visit the Ministry of Consumer Affairs for more info.

If you have no joy, contact the Energy Safety team directly. They know how to get in touch with us if things need action from our end. 

This guide is based on information from Energy Safety, and used with permission 

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