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Welcome to Trade Me’s Shopping Cart. Below is some information you may be interested in.

The Cart can only be used for listings with Buy Now and Ping.

To add an item to your Cart, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button when you see it on a listing.

We’re keen to hear from you about the Shopping Cart too. Please let us know your thoughts, concerns or ideas on the message board thread.


Do I need to be logged in to use the Shopping Cart?

Yes, you do.

Why don’t all listings have the ‘Add to Cart’ option?

The Shopping Cart can only be used with listings that offer both Buy Now and credit or debit card payment via Ping.

Listings with Buy Now and Ping can be purchased and paid for immediately from your Cart. This means there is no waiting around for the seller’s payment details or for the payment to be made.

We want buyers to have a smooth Shopping Cart experience and we don’t want to confuse things by having some things sitting in the Cart that are paid for, and some that are not paid for. The Shopping Cart is meant to be convenient, not confusing.

How come my credit or debit card details aren’t saved when I buy things via the Shopping Cart, but they are saved when I do a regular Trade Me purchase?

Sorry for the hassle but the first time you use Shopping Cart you’ll need to enter your credit or debit card details (even if you already have a saved credit or debit card elsewhere on Trade Me).

What are these charges I see on my card?

Trade Me’s Shopping Cart, like most online payment services, authorises payments to make sure you have enough credit on your card before you make the full Cart payment.

Depending on which bank you are with, this may mean you see an outstanding authorisation amount on your credit or debit card statement for the total value of your Cart purchase. No money has been taken from your account at this stage. The transaction(s) and payment(s) only takes place once you click ‘Complete purchase’, if there is enough credit on your card.

Please note: this will then show as individual charges (per listing won) on your statement.

If you do not complete your Cart purchase, this authorisation amount will automatically expire. This can take up to five days depending on your bank and no action is required on your behalf.

Some members may also notice a separate $1 amount on their credit or debit card statement. This only shows the first time you use your credit or debit card in the Cart. We don’t take $1 from you though! This transaction is never completed and will disappear in up to five days again – it’s simply a way of verifying your card for all future payments within the Trade Me Shopping Cart.

What if another member tries to purchase (or bid on) a Buy Now item that is sitting in my Shopping Cart?

If someone makes a bid that meets reserve or if someone purchases a product that is in your Shopping Cart using Buy Now, then that product will be flagged as no longer available in your Cart. We don’t hold items once they are in your Cart because we don’t want to stop people being able to bid or use Buy Now.

Can I add an item I’m bidding on to my Cart?

Yes if it has a Buy Now price, Ping as a payment option, and the reserve hasn’t been met.

If I have multiple items in my Cart from multiple sellers, can I pay for them all at once?

Yes, you pay for all the items in your Cart at once.

How does shipping work?

You can select your shipping option on the Cart page. This will be added to the sale price of the listing, like it would for a normal Buy Now purchase.

I’m a seller. What do I need to know?

You don’t need to do anything. Any listing that has a Buy Now and has Ping as a payment option can be purchased via the Shopping Cart. Your sales confirmation email will mention that the listing was part of a Cart purchase.

If you are a seller listing via new My Products, you have the opportunity to set up combined shipping offers.

Who built the Shopping Cart?

Heaps of people were involved at this end, but the team doing all the really tricky dev work on this one comprises six clever people called Jimmi, Mark, Ben, Amy, Seamus and Aimee.

Want further assistance?

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