Ad options & your info

What is this all about?

We want you to control how we use your information to deliver you advertising on Trade Me, and around the web. We care about your privacy and are committed to being transparent with how information about you is used. Opting out may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

How do I change my ad option settings?

To change your ad option settings, head to this page.

What is customised advertising?

In the past, Trade Me showed all members the same ads. We then started showing different ads in different regions. Now, we’re able to use what we know about you to show you ads that are more specific to you, and avoid showing you ads that aren’t relevant to you. This is customised advertising. We began to explore customised advertising in September 2015, and have since refined and increased our use of customised advertising platforms.

If you’re opted in, you’ll be able to see more relevant ads as you browse the internet, use Trade Me, access certain Google products like YouTube, or use Facebook.

Does Trade Me share my personal information for customised advertising?

No we do not share your personal information (e.g. your name, phone number or address). We do use the Salesforce data management platform (DMP), the Google DoubleClick Data Platform (“Google DDP”), Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audience, to help us choose and display relevant ads to you. We share information about you with these platforms and related partners, but it is anonymised so they can't tell who you are. We do not share your personal information with advertisers at all.

What non-personally identifiable information is collected about me on Trade Me?

We tell you all about the information we collect in our Privacy policy. This includes things like your searches, pages you have browsed on Trade Me, what you have bought and sold, what you have added to your Watchlist and your location.

Why does Trade Me need to use my information for advertising?

Better ads are more interesting to you, and better for us too. We want to display smarter advertising that is customised for you and hopefully less annoying! Advertisers would also rather show you ads that you're interested in.

What platforms or providers do you use to deliver advertising?

Trade Me does this in a few ways.

We use a data management platform called Salesforce DMP to help us choose relevant ads for you. For example, if you’ve been browsing Trade Me for rugs for your living room, and have added a bunch of rugs to your Watchlist, Salesforce DMP will notice that you like rugs, and if a rug seller wants to buy some ads on Trade Me, Salesforce DMP will target them to you. However, Salesforce DMP (and the rug seller) don't get to know who you are. Trade Me never receives any information about you from advertisers, and doesn’t release any of your personal information to Salesforce DMP.

We also display relevant advertising to you via Google DDP, which works in a similar way to Salesforce DMP. It allows Trade Me to upload audience segments (for example ‘apartment buyers’ or ‘pet lovers’), so that advertisers can target the most relevant advertising to the right groups of people.

To do this, both Salesforce DMP and Google DDP use cookies. A 'cookie' is a small file placed by your browser on your computer when you visit Trade Me. Each cookie has a unique number. Salesforce DMP can then tell us which ads to show to which cookies. For more info on what cookies are and how they work, check out this handy page.

We also, we use services called Google Customer Match, which enables us to display relevant ads to groups of members who are logged in while using Google, YouTube or Gmail, and Facebook Custom Audience, which enables us to display relevant ads to groups of members browsing Facebook.

If I opt out will I still see ads on Trade Me?

Yes, but those ads won't be customised to you using the non-personally identifiable information. Allowing us to use your information for advertising means the ads you see should be more relevant to you.

Can I opt out of all advertising?

No, not via Trade Me. We've been running ads since 1999 and they're an important part of our business. We use ad spaces to connect key advertising partners with you, and to keep you informed about broader products and services Trade Me can offer you.

Can I opt out of all customised advertising?

No, not yet via Trade Me, but we are working on it. We may still use your information to deliver customised advertising to you on Trade Me using our internal systems. And as set out in our Privacy policy, we may use your information to deliver customised advertising on Trade Me (and on other sites through retargeting via the Google Display Network, which has an opt out). Salesforce DMP also allows you to opt out from use of your data in customised advertising via the Salesforce DMP.

Where can I find out more about how my information is used for advertising across the web?

There's lots of information out there, but we recommend exploring this site if you'd like to know more.

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