Listing a cat or dog in the ‘to adopt’ categories

In July 2015 we created the ‘to adopt’ categories for people wanting to re-home their cat or dog.

There’s no listing fee for people who list their cat or dog in this category, provided the animal can be adopted for free, or is listed by an organisation that has been approved by Trade Me.

If you’re an approved organisation you can recover the costs associated with things like providing temporary housing to these animals until new homes are found, vaccinations, microchipping, or de-sexing animals etc. To become an approved organisation, you need to register and be approved by the Trade Me team – flick us an email at to kick off this process.

Multiple animals in a listing
You can only list multiple animals in one listing if they’re part of one litter, or if the animals in the listing are being re-homed together. Otherwise you’ll need to create a separate listing for each animal – it’s free to do this. You may also state in your listing body that you have more animals available.

Removing your listing once your animal has been re-homed
Once you’ve found a new home for your cat or dog, please remove the listing from Trade Me. This helps prospective adopters with their search by only have listings on the site for animals that still need homes.

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