Afterpay FAQs for sellers

Is there a fee to use Afterpay on my listings?

Yes. The Afterpay fee on Trade Me is 5.95% of the total value of the purchase, including shipping costs. This is additional to any success fees you incur on a sale. You only pay this if a buyer chooses to pay with Afterpay, and there are no account fees or costs to integrate.

What does the Afterpay fee cover?

The Afterpay transaction fee of 5.95% per sale covers:

  • Processing costs – this covers the processing of four fortnightly payments for each purchase.
  • Risk factor – for sellers, there’s no credit risk to you and you’re protected against fraudulent payments.
  • Financing the order – Afterpay pays sellers straight away, but doesn’t get paid in full for up to eight weeks.

How do I make Afterpay available to buyers on my listings?

First, you’ll need to be registered for our instant payment service Pay Now, so we can verify that you have an active New Zealand bank account that we can make payments into. Afterpay will then appear as an option when listing Marketplace general items. If you’re keen to learn more, please email us at

Will Afterpay be available for all categories?

No. Afterpay will be available on Marketplace general items only.

In addition, some Marketplace categories are permanently restricted from Afterpay. This includes the following categories: Alcohol related, Businesses for sale, Earthmoving machinery, Food & beverage, Forklifts & pallet movers, Harvest & post-harvest, Horses & ponies, some Hunting & shooting, Livestock, Poultry, R18 - Adult, Tobacco related, some Tractors, some Trailers & transportation, Travel, events & activities and Wine.

Some categories are also restricted at the moment, but may be available at a later date, including: Banknotes, Coins.

Parts & accessories categories for Cars, Boats & marine, Caravans & motorhomes, Motorbikes and Trailers, as well as Car stereos, Computers, some Electronics & photography, Gaming, Gemstones, Jewellery (under Antiques & collectables), Mobile phones, Phonecards, Royal family and Watches are all available to have Afterpay, however, the buyer is required to have a feedback rating of at least 5 to use Afterpay for items in these categories. Pets & animals categories are also available to have Afterpay, so long as they are not a classified listing.

Category restrictions for Afterpay are all subject to change.

Does Buyer Protection apply to Afterpay listings?

Yes. In the same way it does with Pay Now and Ping.

How do refunds work with Afterpay?

Refunds for purchases made using Afterpay work in a similar way to Pay Now, except that Afterpay manages the return of any owed funds to the buyer, rather than Trade Me. You'll still get your fees back like you do with Pay Now too.

You'll still be able to issue partial or full refunds. Afterpay automatically adjusts the buyer's payment schedule to reflect what is outstanding, or refunds the buyer any amounts paid.

What results do sellers typically experience with Afterpay?

In Australia, Afterpay have found that sellers typically receive a 10% increase in their conversion rate, a 20–30% increase in average order values, and an increase in how frequently a buyer shops.*

When do sellers get paid for their Afterpay sales?

Once a purchase is approved, the full value (minus fees) will typically be in the seller’s bank account within three business days, due to clearance and processing times.

Can sellers choose which of their listings have Afterpay as a payment option?

Yes, so long as the price of the item is no more than $800 and the item is not in one of the excluded categories. We may decide in future to adjust these price limits if it makes sense for both buyers and sellers.

Do buyers incur any fees when using Afterpay?

No, providing the buyer doesn’t default on any of the four fortnightly payments. At the end of a buyer's payment cycle, they pay the same as if they purchased the item outright. Afterpay charges a small late payment fee if the buyer’s automatic payment fails and they don’t make the payment within 48 hours. An additional late fee is incurred if the payment is not made within 7 days.

What happens to a seller if a buyer doesn’t pay Afterpay back?

All transactions completed with Afterpay are protected against fraud and buyer default. Once a transaction has been approved, the seller gets the full value of the transaction upfront, regardless of whether the buyer fails to make their continuing payments to Afterpay.

Can Afterpay run alongside other payment options?

Yes. Afterpay can be integrated alongside your existing payment options including Pay Now or Ping.

Can I use Afterpay with the Shopping Cart?

No. At this stage the Shopping Cart does not support the use of Afterpay.

What if I have a problem with Afterpay?

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team if you have any problems using Afterpay on your listings.

*Afterpay Holdings Limited ASX Announcement 17 February 2017 Half Year Results Investor Presentation.

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