Trade Me has dedicated Customer Support and Trust & Safety teams who carefully monitor and swiftly remove inappropriate listings.

You can help us keep Trade Me a safe place to buy and sell by reporting any suspicious listings.

Safe buying tips

Always read the item description carefully

If the photos and description look like they've been borrowed from another site, research the item and pricing before you bid.

Check the seller's feedback history

If the seller has a lot of recent negative or neutral feedback, you may want to reconsider bidding on or buying the item.

Review the shipping and payment details

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you understand the postage costs before bidding, and never pay into an overseas bank account or via Western Union.

Beware of fake or pirated goods

Counterfeit items, such as handbags, jewellery and clothing, or unauthorised items such as copies of software, games, music or movies, are illegal and not permitted on Trade Me. If you see a listing that looks suspicious, please report it.

What to look for:

Never send money overseas

Most sellers on Trade Me are located in New Zealand, or hold a NZ bank account if located in Australia. Trade Me approves certain international members and those members only ever use Ping. Never use a money transfer service to send money overseas.

Always complete the sale on Trade Me

Contacting buyers or sellers outside of the auction process can be unsafe. Make sure you always correspond with the email address we provide once the auction's closed.

Get a phone number

If you are the winning bidder on a higher value item, ask the seller for a phone number in case you need to call them.

Keep all payment details and emails exchanged with the seller.

These details will help us locate the seller if things go wrong.

Examples of suspicious behaviour

If you notice any of the below examples, please contact us immediately.

Identifying scam emails

Read our advice on spotting and dealing with phishing emails and spoof websites.


Most problems are the result of either poor communication or differing expectations between the buyer and the seller.

Stay in contact with the seller and make sure you understand when to expect delivery. Sellers will typically wait for payment to clear before shipping goods, which can take a couple of days or longer on weekends and public holidays. Delivery itself can reasonably take another 2-4 business days meaning a possibility of seven days or more between paying and receiving goods.

Frequently buyers and sellers may not be receiving one another's emails due to spam filters or email filtering. Check your junk or bulk email folders.
More on spam filters.

If you have checked your spam filters and are having trouble contacting the other member, please contact us for help.

If you have paid and you still can't contact the seller after several days, or think you are the victim of fraud, please contact us immediately.

The vast majority of problems reported to us resolve themselves through good communication and patience. So be patient, use your common sense, and happy trading.