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Company McDonald's Whangarei (Bank St)
Location Whangarei, Northland
Pay & Benefits Remuneration up to $140K dependent on performance
Listed Thu 2 Aug, 9:59 am
Type Full time, Permanent
Reference RM
We are seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic applicant to run our flagship restaurant. The successful applicant will have a proven record in achieving results.
You will have the talent to achieve results through your outstanding people skills, motivational coaching, and training people to bring out the best in them.

Previous experience in the QSR industry is preferred but not essential as we believe finding the person is more important than past experience.

Key Competencies include:
Demonstrates and reinforces the leadership behaviours and basic people minimums (uniforms, crew schedules, communication sessions,etc) necessary to gain commitment from crew and management team.

Communicates Effectively and Candidly

Executes an established plan to increase employee’s loyalty,satisfaction and pride with the McDonald’s experience based on Crew
opinion surveys.

Knows, enforces and educates crew and managers on all appropriate policies, employment laws, security and safety procedures.

Recruits, selects and retains an optimum number of crew, maintenance,and management who are enthusiastically dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Oversees and conducts performance reviews based on defined goals and objectives for all restaurant employees in a timely manner.

Plans and conducts management team meetings, communication sessions, etc.

Create long term objectives and action plans for people development.

Adherence to all personnel policies, Equal Employment Opportunity, security and safety procedures by all.

Enforces and manages people minimums.

Leads the development and training of all restaurant employees (MDP, SOC’s, safety systems).

Completes management schedules using the 10 management scheduling principals.
Maintains critical standards for raw and finished product quality, service speed and quality, cleanliness and sanitation.

Models performance standards for all crew stations and maintenance as needed.

Develops and executes plans to improve external customer’s satisfaction with their McDonald’s experience and to increase their

Effectively uses pre-shift and shift planning tools to ensure optimum QSC and assigns and/or moves crew within positions to meet volume demands. Oversees the preparation of shift for changeover with next manager.

Effectively schedules to build the business on all day parts.

Effectively executes national promotions to maximise sales potential.

Effectively develops and executes local store marketing plans to maximise sales potential within the community.

Manages overall QSC levels, Sales and Customer Satisfaction in the restaurant at all times.

Create long term restaurant objectives and action plans for QSC and Sales building.

Measures customer's satisfaction and executes plan to improve their satisfaction and increase their loyalty.

Define the restaurant’s trading area, competitors and traffic generators and use the information to maximise sales.

Ensures all systems are current and effective (completing the six system checklist).

Develops and implements restaurant extensions of national promotions.

Proactive to changes in volume patterns and promotional activities to ensure operational standards are maintained.

Enforces and manages all food safety

Manages all sanitation requirements and practices.

Effectively implements, maintains and enforces all health and safety policies and procedures.

Ensures all security procedures are executed.

Maintains all physical plant aspects of the restaurant, including landscaping, building, equipment etc.

Administers employee benefits and payroll procedures.

Ensures and maintains proper security and verification procedures when handling deposits and the contents of the safe.

Ensures all daily, weekly and monthly paperwork is completed and recorded accurately and on a timely basis.

Takes action to facilitate the compliance with the McDonald’s Workplace and Safety Policy and to maintain a safe workplace.

Reports accidents and incidents in the required timeframe.

Take action required to maintain health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

Identifies and report hazards.

Conducts testing, inspection, monitoring and maintenance activities at the direction of McDonald’s.

Proactively participates in the ongoing management of Health and Safety.

Works safely with all hazardous substances and dangerous goods.

Proactively participates in the ongoing management of Health and Safety

Performs all duties with due care to the health and safety of self and others within the guidelines of the relevant policies and procedures

Follows reporting guidelines for accidents, hazards and potential hazards.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.