Exhibition Budgies

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$35.00 per bird
These birds are best suited for aviaries.
Please email me or flick me a text if you’re interested in any of the above birds. Please see below for information on the birds;

A-0452-17 Green spangle, cock
H3-6008-16 Opaline dark green, cock SOLD
A-0479-17 Green spangle, cock SOLD
A-0476-17 Grey, cock
A-0471-17 Sky blue, cock SOLD
A-0456-17 light green, cock SOLD
A-0496-17 cobalt cock SOLD
A-0492-17 opal sky blue, cock
A-0470-17 double factor yellow spangle, cock SOLD
A-0462-17 Lutino, hen SOLD
F7-5169-15 Yellow Lacewing, cock. SOLD
H3-6070-16 Yellow Lacewing, Hen SOLD
C3-102-16 opaline green Spangle, cock
C3-116-16 opaline light green, cock
C3-096-16 white lacewing, hen SOLD
F7-5237-15 Yellow lacewing, hen SOLD
A-0486-17 opaline sky blue, cock
HA-480-15 opaline cobalt, cock SOLD
A-0488-17 Opaline sky blue cock SOLD

My apologies that some of the pictures are blurry, if you want clearer photos, I can take some and email to you.

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