Hyline Brown chicks - 6 weeks old

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These chicks were hatched on the 8th of February and will be 6 weeks old on the 22nd of March.
For the first week, these are very good for going under a broody hen

Only 18 left of this batch
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(at 6 weeks old they are fully feathered and no longer need extra heat)


we can freight these to places around lower south island, and as far as Christchurch. ($10 charge per order) contact me for further details.

These are all hens and all chicks are sexed, vaccinated against mareks & salmonella & non-debeaked.

About hyline chickens:

The hyline chicken has been bred to be a better laying bird, friendlier & healthier also. these have been proven to be better layers than the average chicken, laying over 320 eggs per year.

There is no visual difference between brown shavers and hylines except hylines are slightly smaller. they both lay same size eggs. the hyline doesn't eat as much food and are known to be more hardy during the winter. hylines are also more docile.

Hylines start laying at about 18 weeks old but are only at 9% of production. by the time they are 22 weeks old, they are at 89% of production. by the time they are 24 weeks old they are at 96% production which is about the best you could get from any hen.

I will be relisting these until they have all sold. once sold.


"This is not a question, I would just like to say that I purchased 10 chickens today and am very pleased with them, they would be the best chickens for their age that I have ever bought, fat, healthy and so quiet." Wendy J.

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