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5 years old

I have been putting this off so don't want to write this but I have to, My cat, Patrick needs a forever home. He is 5 years old and because he's part maine coon, he's got a terrific personality. He's just decided he wants my home to be a one cat home and keeps chasing his birth brother down the street away from our home. I'm wanting to find the perfect home for him that doesn't have any existing cats.He was bought up with a dog he loves so probably could be trained into loving a new dog. This is so sad as I bought all three on the same day when they were babies and wanted them to stay together, but eventually the other brother might run away and be run over or something. Out of the 3 Patrick is the only one who likes to watch everything that's going on and he's so cute and loving with people (and his dog). He still does that baby kitten head butting thing like when they want mum's milk and if the water bowl is empty he sits in it to let you know. He comes with two packets of cat food too, no charge for anything....just love him please. I just want him to be safe, happy, and a family member. He especially loves cuddles in the morning and will smudge up against you and he likes to be part of doing the laundry and gardening with you and sitting in boxes. (He's never scratched anyone). Except for his brother, he's just a softie with everyone. Please contact me for info (he won't go to just any place. It must be a place that loves cats.)

Animal welfare: The seller has indicated this animal has been bred and cared for in accordance with Trade Me's Code of Animal Welfare.

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