2x beautiful German Shepherds (one purebred)

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4 years old

We have two dogs that are in need of re-homing. We are moving to Europe and thought about taking them with us, but the lifestyle would not suit two medium-large dogs, so tearfully we have decided to re-home.

9 years old
Border collie/German Shepherd
He's the smaller, greyer one in the pictures.
Little bit spastic, but makes up for it in loyalty and love. Enjoys notifying us of threats such as cats and possums and thoroughly enjoys being fed, every time. Getting older, but will have longer life span than a purebred due to the collie factor. Loves a good brush and makes that clear through content grunts.

4 years old
Purebred German Shepherd
He's the bigger golden one in the photos.
Enjoys quiet naps by the gate, warning us of visitors with a very deep bark, and bring logs back to us instead of sticks. Snoozes everywhere, loves my toddler, and howls along with ambulances, police sirens and fire engines. Beautiful.

Both dogs are very friendly but haven't been socialized with other dogs very often. They would probably be detrimental to the health of cats and other small creatures so keep this in mind when contacting us. They can be good around other dogs with slow introductions but are usually quite scary to smaller dogs with all their enthusiasm, so keep this in mind also. We have a two year old daughter and they are so kind to her, even when she was a bit rough. We don't mind leaving them in the room together with her, without supervision, so this should speak to their character with kids.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

1. They are not to be split up, they've been together too long.
2. We are looking for the right home, not the first home.

Animal welfare: The seller has indicated this animal has been bred and cared for in accordance with Trade Me's Code of Animal Welfare.

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