German Short Hair Pointer X DESEXED female

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9 months old

HI this girl is about 10 months old, she is a rescue and has come to me via a charity.
She was mistreated as a puppy.

I have worked with her for 4 months, her recall is brilliant but not 100% reliable yet around 95%, she works will on recall with a whistle and the word "come".
She is will socialised running with a pack of dogs daily all breeds and sizes, she runs free range in off leash parks and beaches. She interact and plays extremely will.'She is extremely effectionate, and wants to please.
She has exposure to cats, my cats daily walk past her, she is non reactive to them although some excitement if they react to her or run.
She is amazing with children.
The home we are seeking, we will be selective to the home chosen for her, meet and greets along with adopting the same training techniques for her ongoing training so time will be needed with her and I to adopt training techniques.
A home inspection
She needs to be a indoor dog having indoor out door access and if out side at time of the day she needs to have shelter from wind, rain sun, dog door access to inside would be ideal.
She needs to have someone at home, and ideal another dog compatiable with each other.

You will need to have a 1.8 high fencing secure with no escape holes or areas.

You will need to be capable to have time for her excercise and stimulation requirrments daily, being walks on beachs or free range off leash dog parks. She will not suit being a back yard dog. At least 1 to 2 hours a day.
She has over the last few months learned to love and enjoy water, she now loves swimming.

She is Free but her desexing and microchipping is not,
please in the first instance if interested contact me.

Please do not reply if you do not have the time to dedicate to her daily needs being socilsation and excercise outside of the home. Or you cannot provide company for her during the day

There will be a adoption form application form to be filled out.
Seeking that amazing home for this amazing loving smart funny girl.

Animal welfare: The seller has indicated this animal has been bred and cared for in accordance with Trade Me's Code of Animal Welfare.

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