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Cute, fluffy baby mini-lop rabbits, attractive colours. Lop-eared rabbits tend to be more relaxed than erect-eared rabbits

If you are just getting 1 rabbit, we recommend a male, because they tend to be more friendly and outgoing. The downside is at 2-4 months some males begin to hump things or spray. If these behaviours become issues, we recommend neutering, which usually costs $100 - $200+, and carries a small risk with the anaesthetic. This normally settles them down. Females are usually fine, but a bit more inclined to be temperamental

If you are getting 2 rabbits, we recommend 2 females, or a female and a male, and get the male neutered at 14 weeks, and they wouldn't need to be separated. Both of these pairings have a high chance of getting on together, the female and neutered male's chances of getting on together being higher than the 2 females. Even with 2 females, you can get some humping, from about 4 months old. 2 males have about a 70% chance of fighting at 4+ months, and there tends to be humping from about 3 months of age

The life expectancy of a rabbit is 5-8 yrs

Available rabbits

Magpie male (Pic 1)
Broken sable female (Pic 2)

$70 each

Our rabbits come with a birth certificate, and we groom them
and clip their claws when you buy the rabbit. We offer you a care sheet, and we are happy to answer questions when you are buying the rabbit and afterwards

You can order for birthdays or whatever. Choose your baby rabbit(s), put down $10 deposit, and collect your rabbit when you want

Pick up is in Swanson/Massey West. My ph nos are 09 833-6653, 0211-751-914

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