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Jeet Arora

Manukau City, Papakura
Golflands Botany Downs Dannemora Papatoetoe Flat Bush Goodwood Heights The Gardens Alfriston Papakura Mission Heights
1 Active listings
0 Open Homes 1 Unit
“I don’t sell !!! However, with my passion & integrity, I just help people find solutions which impact their lives positively”
Moving into real estate via a diverse career path spanning top echelon security services, IT recruitment, corporate communications and social media management equips Jeet with a range of skills tailored to take your property aspirations to a new level of excellence.

Having already listed and sold properties, Jeet has impressed both colleagues & clients with his fast assimilation of information, market insights and on-point campaigns that stimulate buyer inquiry & activity.

Jeet’s can-do attitude is underscored by a genuine desire to get the best deal for his clients on each and every transaction and undertakes to represent your property interests as if they were his own.

Coming from India in 2015 and fluent in Hindi, Punjabi & English, Jeet has an empathy for newcomers to New Zealand and is well-placed & experienced to advise on all aspects of buying, selling and investing in the Southern market.

Talk to Jeet whether you’re a nervous new buyer needing advice on a first home, a veteran investor re-shuffling the portfolio or simply want a no-pressure discussion on how to make your home market ready.

Entrust your families most prized possession with an agent whose got your back covered.
Skills & experience
1 year and 11 months of experience
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Mount Wellington, Auckland City, Auckland
Listed: Mon, 06 May
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