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Creating a great listing

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When it comes to selling on Trade Me, the way you present your listings is really important for buyers. Here are some key areas that you should focus on.


Your main photo should showcase your item, and it's best to use multiple photos to give the buyer as much detail as possible.

Avoid having slogans, text, and watermarks across your photos as these can be distracting for buyers and it takes focus away from the product itself.


Begin with the basics to describe your product in a couple of keywords. E.g. ‘blue dress’ or ‘Karen Walker dress’, then you can add important descriptors such as size and style.

Avoid adjectives and unnecessary characters that members won’t be using in keyword searches for your product, and make sure your titles are free of mistakes or typos.


Make sure to cover features, specifications, and benefits – why is this product right for the customer? Include the most important information at the top, and work your way down.

It can be tempting to write a novel of information in your description, but the key is to keep each point concise to keep your potential customers engaged.

Speedy purchasing

Ping by Trade Me
When you create a listing, you can add Ping as a payment option. If a buyer pays with Ping, their money will instantly appear in your Ping balance. Note that there is a transaction fee of 1.95% (1.65% for Top Sellers).

You can choose to leave the buyer’s money in your Ping balance to pay for Trade Me purchases, or transfer it to your bank account.

Learn more about Ping.

Buy Now
Buy Now makes things quick and easy for buyers who don't like waiting around for their auctions to close.  

If you’d like more tips, the Seller Blog post on making great listings offers the ideas above and more.  



What’s the difference between an auction and a classified listing?
Auctions work by buyers competing against each other, with the item selling for the highest bid over the reserve.
Classified listings have an asking price and the parties get in touch to settle a deal off the site.

You don’t have the right category for my listing, can you add it?
We can definitely look into adding it. Just pop us an email with your suggestion.

I’ve found two categories I can list in, which should I choose?
The ability to list in a second category is a promotional extra that enables you to have one listing show in two relevant categories - giving you more exposure to potential buyers.

Why did you remove my listing?
If we need to remove a listing we’ll pop you an email explaining why. Please look out for that and then contact the team.

I’ve seen something suspicious or odd, how do I let you know?
Please report any suspicious listings or members through the Community Watch button at the bottom of every listing.