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At the end of every trade we encourage the buyer and seller to place feedback about each other.

The feedback system is designed to help members make a decision about who to trade with. It also helps us make a call about whether traders are meeting their obligations and contributing positively to the trading community.

Feedback is not compulsory, although a friendly yellow face is a great way to let buyers know when the goods are on the way and cuts down on those “Have you sent it yet?” emails. Plus, it reassures sellers that a purchase has been received safe and sound.

When placing any kind of feedback, be professional. For more information, take a look at our Seller Blog post or feedback policy.

If anything niggly ever crops up, please touch base with our Customer Support team for some advice and help.




How long do I have to place feedback?
Feedback can be placed up to 45 days after a listing closes. It can be edited once at any time, or permanently deleted. We automatically remind traders to place feedback after 21 days if they haven’t already done so.

How long does feedback stay on my account?
Feedback is a permanent part of your trading history and contributes to your feedback rating. The latest 1,000 pieces of feedback are displayed on your feedback page.

I’ve spotted a trader with a low feedback rating. What should I do?
We expect members to maintain at least a 95% positive feedback rating, and 98% for Top Sellers and Stores. Please let our Customer Support team know if you spot a membership with poor feedback. Our first port of call is generally education, but we will take steps to restrict or remove memberships in order to protect the wider trading community if we think it’s appropriate.

I’ve received unfair feedback. What can I do?
The majority of trades can be resolved with good communication – in the first instance, please contact the buyer, and don’t place retaliatory feedback. Remember you’re always welcome to contact our Customer Support Team for some help too.